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Johnny Isakson

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The junior United States Senator from Georgia, serving since 2005.
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ENG: John Hardy "Johnny" Isakson (born December 28, 1944) is the junior United States Senator from Georgia and a member of the Republican Party. Previously, he represented Georgia's 6th Congressional district in the House. Early life A second-generation Swedish-American,Isakson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of a Greyhound bus driver.He currently lives in the nearby suburb of Marietta. He served in the Georgia Air National Guard from 1966 to 1972, leaving service as a staff sergeant.Shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia, he opened the first Cobb County office of Northside Realty, a prominent Atlanta-area real estate firm. He became company president in 1979, a post he held for 22 years, during which Northside became the biggest independent real estate ...
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Sen. Johnny Isakson says U.S. debt is our biggest challenge

The country’s central problem today is its debt, according to U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia). Isakson, who spoke Monday at the annual luncheon of the Georgia Council on Economic Education at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, said the issue was finally coming to a head over having to raise the nation’s $14.2 trillion debt limit. “Eventually, you have got to pay the piper,” Isakson said. “We’ve probably got 60 days to deal with the problem of raising the debt limit.” Isakson, however said that the limit should not be raised without ...

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson Speaks to Carter Associates

Monday morning, Carter was honored to host U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson at Carter headquarters for a visit with company associates. A former businessman who founded and built Northside Realty into one of the biggest residential brokerages in the Southeast, Senator Isakson is one of the most active advocates for the real estate industry in Washington.In the senate, he was the driving force behind the home tax credit component of the stimulus effort and is now leading the policy debate on reforming Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Senator Isakson gave a 30-minute update on some of his key initiatives ...

Isakson: Obama policies fuel higher gas prices

Some Republicans have repeated an interesting claim about rising gas prices.U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., joined them in a Twitter post."Just the Facts: Since President Obama took office, gas prices have gone up 67 percent," the senator wrote.Isakson included a link to an article with a chart from the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundationthat found gas prices rose 7 percent during the first two years and two months of Republican George W. Bush’s presidency as compared with prices during a similar time span under Barack Obama, a Democrat who took office in January 2009.We figured ...

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