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John McCain

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The senior United States Senator from Arizona, serving since 1987.
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for13against   Why did not a much people vote for john, I think he would have made a very good president, better than what obama is doing right now. people need to see whats going on now., trekkie75965
for2against   John McCain is a good guy. But Obama? The reason Obama tried to become president was because his Muslim goal in life was, and still is: to wipeout Israel and America., Carmelita
for1against   "Look, is this guy, Bin Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted? Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain in 1998, after Clinton shot missiles at Osama., Elviss
for1against   McCain promete atacar Obama no último debate antes das eleições - O POVO Online http://twurl.nl/kd4p2k, a3
for6against   For a guy campaigning on family values, US politician John McCain has broken up a lot of marriages., Elviss
for2against   Why is this man always promoting wars?, sudiestan
for1against   Der French Fries Präsident aus Vietnam!Er Fritierte mit Napalm!, SEPP
for0against   It's well known that John McCain is rich, because of his marriage to Cindy Hensley McCain, who inherited the biggest Budweiser distributorship in Arizona., Elviss
for0against   Ignorance and fear is about the only thing the #McCain campaign has going for it anymore., a3

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