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The U.S. Representative for Georgia's 5th congressional district, serving since 1987.
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ENG: John Robert Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 5th congressional district, serving since 1987. He was a leader in the American Civil Rights Movement and chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), playing a key role in the struggle to end segregation. He is a member of the Democratic Party and is one of the most liberal legislators. Early life and activism Born in Troy, Alabama, the third son of Eddie and Willie Mae Lewis. His parents were sharecroppers. Lewis was educated at the Pike County Training High School, Brundidge, Alabama and also American Baptist Theological Seminary and at Fisk University, both in Nashville, Tennessee, where he became active in the local sit-in movement. As a student he made a systematic ...
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Rep. John Lewis Introduces SAFETY Through Non-Violence Act

Rep. John Lewis re-introduced a bill establishing a national initiative to make federal grants to community advocates, local, state, and tribal governments to teach the principles and discipline of non-violence to American youth. Lewis first heard about non-violent activism as a teenager when he was only 15 years old. He heard Martin Luther King Jr. talking about the non-violent struggle in the city of Montgomery, and that radio broadcast changed his life. He knew then that he wanted to participate in the work of non-violent change ensuing in America. To this day, he himself is still an ...

Congressman John Lewis speaks at Legal Aid event

He was elected to Congress in November 1986 and has served as U.S. Representative ofGeorgia’s Fifth Congressional District since then. That district includes the entire city ofAtlanta,Georgia and parts of Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton counties. Often called“one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced,” John Lewis has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he calls “The Beloved Community” in America. His dedication to the highest ethical standards and moral principles has won him ...

Congressman John Lewis at Occupy Atlanta

Congressman John Lewis visited the Occupy Atlanta rally at Woodruff Park last night approximately 45 minutes after its planning session, or General Assembly, started. Despite saying he did not want to speak, the civil rights icon was invited to address to the crowd. When the topic of allowing Lewis to speak was presented to the group, "Joe" (pictured in red) held up his arms to "block" Lewis from speaking. "Joe" said he was against Lewis speaking because the movement is "not about one individual" and that it has been built on the idea of "no hierarchy." The crowd decided the congressman could ...

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WASHINGTON — Yesterday the House Ways and Means Committee began marking up H.R. 1, the House Republican bill to cut taxes for the richest Americans on the backs of working and middle-class families, students, and seniors.   During the markup, Congressman Lewis made the below statement (WATCH)--   “It is hard to put my feelings into words today.  You see, I was elected to Congress in November of 1986 – only a month after the Tax Reform Act became law.  It was tax reform, not tax cuts. The Members of this Committee inspired our entire class as we took our oath on the House Floor 30 years ago.  They set the gold standard -- a bar to which we all aspired.  Elected by the people, they worked with the people, and they fought for the people.  Back then, the Committee took their time.  They worked across the aisle and across the dome.  Their model inspired many of us to fight for an appointment to the Ways and Means Committee -- the oldest standing Committee in the House o
Rep. John Lewis Responds to Executive Order on Affordable Care Act
“This executive order will begin the process of deconstructing the individual and small group insurance markets health insurance markets.  Additionally, this administration recently confirmed its intent to end support for the cost sharing reductions that help many Americans afford health insurance.   “Taken together, these mean-spirited actions constitute an attack on women’s health, on those living with illness or injury, and on every American living paycheck to paycheck – month to month.  Low-income people will lose their health care.  Seniors who are not yet on Medicare will become more vulnerable, and those struggling to make ends meet will suffer unnecessarily.   Make no mistake:  This is the latest tactic of a piecemeal effort to strip away the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. “I want to be clear – there is no policy justification for this executive order.  The sole purpose is to increase the suffering of countless Americans and score political points.
WASHINGTON — Today, the House Ways and Means Committee reconvened to continue markup of irresponsible H.R.1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The committee considered eight amendments offered by Democrats. Republicans voted down amendments that would have helped the middle class by extending the child tax credit, encouraging employers to hire veterans, reinstating the adoption tax credit, and taxing corporations at the same rate domestically and abroad. They voted against the middle class. They voted against what is best for America.  Other amendments that would have provided tax credits for apprenticeship programs and kept the state and local tax deductions were also voted down by Republicans.   A daily summary of the Committee’s markup proceedings is available at https://johnlewis.house.gov/taxcutbill.
WASHINGTON — Today during the House Ways and Means Committee markup of H.R. 1, the House Republican tax cut bill, Reps. John Lewis (GA), Ron Kind (WI), Judy Chu (CA), Suzan K. DelBene (WA), Lloyd Doggett (TX), Brian Higgins (NY), Danny K. Davis (IL), and Earl Blumenauer (OR) offered an amendment to restore the “Johnson Amendment”.   This simple amendment would restore the 53-year standard that prohibits religious, nonprofit, charitable, and related organizations from engaging in political activities. The amendment would save $2.1 billion based on the JCT estimate.  The cost is based on a good-faith estimate of an expected rapid growth of tax-exempt political contributions.  During the markup, Congressman Lewis made the below statement (WATCH) -- “Mr. Chairman, I have an amendment at the desk.  First, let me thank my friends and colleagues for joining me as cosponsors of this amendment. Mr. Chairman, our amendment is very simple.  It would save $2.1 billion dollars

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