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John Kline

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The U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 2nd congressional district, serving since 2003.
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ENG: John Paul Kline (born September 6, 1947) is the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 2nd congressional district, serving since 2003. The district includes most of the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities, including Apple Valley, Inver Grove Heights, Burnsville and Eagan. He is a member of the Republican Party. Early life, education and career Kline was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of W. B. Ray High School in Corpus Christi, Texas (1965) and was educated at Rice University (1969) and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (1988). Before his election to Congress, Kline was a 25-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he was a senior military aide to Presidents Carter and Reagan and was responsible for carrying the President's "Football". During ...
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John Kline: Cut strings on federal education money

The Minnesota congressman who chairs the U.S. House education committee proposed Thursday to cut some strings that come with federal education money, but his new bill drew quick criticism from the U.S. Department of Education. Republican Rep. John Kline introduced the State and Local Funding Flexibility Act, which is the third in a series of bills to overhaul the No Child Left Behind education law. The legislation would allow schools to take money intended for one educational purpose, such as for poor or migrant children, and spend it on another school priority, such as teacher training or ...

Minnesota's John Kline criticizes Obama's student loan plan

A Minnesota Republican congressman is criticizing President Obama's plan to cut loan payments for college grads with federal student loans. The program the president announced today would have graduates pay 10 percent of their income toward loan repayment for 20 years, after which the loan is forgiven. Rep. John Kline is not pleased. The congressman chairs the House Education and Workforce Committee and calls Obama's plan "politics before policy." ... by Brett Neely Source: minnesota.publicradio.org

Kline: NLRB is a runaway board

On a conference call with bloggers this afternoon, Congressman John Kline (R-Minn.) pinned the blame on President Obama for an out-of-control National Labor Relations Board and urged his colleagues in Congress to pass the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, which would address certain disastrous NLRB decisions. “President Obama — this is his board,” Kline said. “He is supporting this if he’s not willing to step in there and help put some reins on what I think is a runaway board.” In recent weeks, the NLRB has rushed to pass a rule that would shorten the ...

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