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An Australian politician. The second-longest serving Australian Prime Minister (1996 - 2007).
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ENG: John Winston Howard, OMACSSI, (born 26 July 1939) is an Australian politician who served as the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, from 11March 1996 to 3December 2007. He is the second-longest serving Australian Prime Minister after Sir Robert Menzies. Howard was a member of the House of Representatives from 1974 to 2007, representing the Division of Bennelong, New South Wales. He served as Treasurer in the Fraser government from 1977 to 1983. He was Leader of the Liberal Party and Coalition Opposition from 1985 to 1989, which included the 1987 federal election against Bob Hawke. He was re-elected as Leader of the Opposition in 1995. Howard led the Liberal-National coalition to victory at the 1996 federal election, defeating Paul Keating's Labor government and ending a record ...
for29against   In my opinion John Howard is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for1against   I have absolutely no difficulty myself with the playing of God Save the Queen in the presence of Her Majesty. - John Howard, pacman
for33against   Do not agree. John Howard is bad choice. For instance because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
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John Howard Hails Absence Of 'Contrived Element' In Mideast Protests

Prime Minister John Howard is the second-longest-serving prime minister in Australian history. John Howard, who was Australia's prime minister for almost 12 years before leaving office in 2007, visited RFE/RL this week to share his thoughts about the rising democratic tide in the Middle East and what the West can do to change authoritarian regimes. Against a backdrop of toppled regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, a teetering one in Libya, and ripples in Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa, Howard talked about hopes of democracy building ...

Bob Brown's tribute to John Howard

Can you spot the error in the following propositions? The Coalition will protect the economic interests of Aussie battlers. Labor doesn't trust the market to allocate resources. The Greens are too fixated on the environment to care about the economy. The party names are in the wrong places! The explosive politics of climate change, unleashed last Thursday by the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee's draft strategy on pricing carbon, is turning time-honoured political norms on their heads. So it was Greens leader Bob Brown using John Howard's favourite term, "battlers", on the ...

Howard: Mumbai attacks a message to Obama

FORMER Australian prime minister John Howard said he believes terrorists who carried out a wave of coordinated attacks on Mumbai last week had intended to send US president-elect Barack Obama a “message”.Speaking at a Hebrew University function in Sydney on Sunday night, Howard said: “I have no doubt the terrorists planned it to say to president-elect [Barack] Obama: ‘Don’t you imagine because you’re replacing President Bush who we despise that we’re going to like you … we’re not.’”He added that the attacks are a “brutal ...

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Former prime minister John Howard pays tribute at Remembrance ... - The Canberra Times
The Canberra TimesFormer prime minister John Howard pays tribute at Remembrance ...The Canberra TimesFormer prime minister John Howard paid tribute to the "extraordinary sacrifice" of the nation's war dead and said troops being deployed to Iraq stood on the shoulders of Anzacs during a Remembrance Day service in Canberra. More than 3900 people, ...Anniversary ... today's ceremony marks 100 years since the First ...NEWS.com.auFormer PM Howard to mark Remembrance DaySky News AustraliaAustralians pause to mark Remembrance DaySBSThe Daily Telegraph -Courier Mailvšech 81 zpravodajských článků »
John Howard Confident He Won't Be Booed At His Own Funeral. - SBS
SBSJohn Howard Confident He Won't Be Booed At His Own Funeral.SBSFormer Prime Minister John Howard shaken off the aggressive reception he received at Gough Whitlam's memorial as a case of “home ground advantage” and has said he remains quietly confident that he will not be booed at his own funeral.Tony Abbott And John Howard Just Got Booed At Gough Whitlam's ...JunkeeAt Gough's farewell, our true selves were on showSydney Morning HeraldWhitlam gave Aborigines a place of honourThe AustralianThe Canberra Timesvšech 86 zpravodajských článků »
John Howard delivers coded rebuke to Tony Abbott on boat turn backs - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning HeraldJohn Howard delivers coded rebuke to Tony Abbott on boat turn backsSydney Morning HeraldEXCLUSIVE. Former Liberal prime minister John Howard has delivered a coded rebuke to his successor Tony Abbott for his diplomatic handling of boat turn backs in his first year in office. And Mr Howard's former Immigration minister Philip Ruddock has ...Time for the lucky country to open its heart, writes Joe HildebrandThe Daily Telegraph (blog)všech 17 zpravodajských článků »
John Howard joins JP Morgan International Council - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning HeraldJohn Howard joins JP Morgan International CouncilSydney Morning HeraldFormer prime minister John Howard has joined former British prime minister Tony Blair on JP Morgan's International Council. The council, which was founded in 1965, is an advisory group that provides advice to the bank's leadership team on global trends.Former PM John Howard with JP Morgan executives Rob Priestley ...The AustralianJPMorgan Adds Former Australian Leader Howard to Advisory GroupBusinessweekvšech 6 zpravodajských článků »

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