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American politician and the U.S. Representative for California's 3rd congressional district - member of the Democratic Party.
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Local Water Projects Clear House Following Garamendi’s Extensive Work
"The Energy and Water Appropriations Bill makes significant investments in a number of local water projects, including the Sacramento River Bank Protection, American River, Yuba River Basin, Hamilton City J-Levee, Suisun Bay Shipping Channel, Lower Cache Creek, and the Port of Stockton. Sites Reservoir’s feasibility study also moves forward in this bill," Congressman Garamendi said. "Clearly, when it comes to water appropriations, bipartisanship is still possible. It took literally hundreds of meetings and phone calls locally and in the Capitol, but long delayed water projects are finally moving forward." read more

Garamendi Calls for Long Term Transportation Solutions, Votes for Must Pass Short Term Stopgap
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA), the Ranking Member (leading Democrat) of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, today called on his colleagues to support H.R. 3064, the GROW AMERICA Act, introduced by Democratic leadership. He also voted for a short term extension of the Highway and Transit Trust Fund. Based on President Obama’s GROW AMERICA Act, the House version of the bill provides six years of expanded transportation funding, providing $25 billion more per year for transportation priorities over existing levels. This includes a 26 percent boost for highways and a 76 boost for public transit over FY 2015 levels. Under the current majority, all transportation priorities and especially public transit funding have been sharply curtailed in recent years, and the GROW AMERICA Act restores needed balance and investment to our deteriorating and underfunded transportation infrastructure acr

Garamendi Helping Local Leaders Better Serve Our Community

Garamendi Working to Prevent a New Nuclear Arms Race

Congressman John Garamendi’s statement on P5+1 agreement with Iran
"I congratulate President Obama and Secretary Kerry on the painstaking effort required to reach a nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community. The framework under which the current deal was negotiated is the best available option to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. We can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Without this deal, Iran would be able to resume development of its nuclear program without international supervision and enrich enough uranium for a bomb in as little as three months. Furthermore, if America were to simply walk away from this deal, it’s likely that the strong multilateral sanctions regime would collapse. The military option is just as bad: it would only set Iran’s program back by a few years, destabilize an already volatile region, and possibly lead to a wider military confrontation. Congress now has time to review and vote on the agreement. I look forward to making sure that the terms of the deal block all of Iran’s p

Local Members of Congress Applaud President Obama’s Designation of Berryessa Snow Mountain Region as a National Monument
Washington, DC – Local members of Congress, including Mike Thompson (CA-5), Jared Huffman (CA-2) and John Garamendi (CA-3), today attended a White House celebration where President Obama used the executive authority granted to him under the Antiquities Act to designate the Berryessa Snow Mountain region as a National Monument. Under this designation, the region will be permanently protected, ensuring continued recreational opportunities and providing an regional economic boost, while also safeguarding the region's beauty, wildlife, rare plants, and waters – which include important sources of drinking water and irrigation for nearby communities. Additionally, all currently owned federal lands within the boundary will be united under one management plan, allowing the region to be managed more efficiently and according to the site-specific needs. Earlier this year, Thompson introduced legislation in the House (H.R. 761) that would have also designated the region as national monument.

Congressman Garamendi Votes against Flawed Western Water Bill and Calls for Reaching Common Ground
Click here to watch Garamendi speak on the Western Water Bill and offer a better approach. WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA) voted against H.R. 2898, another partisan California water bill that overall would make California’s bad water situation even worse. At the same time, Garamendi acknowledged a few positive aspects of the legislation and reiterated a forceful call to find common ground to benefit all Californians. The bill passed the House by a vote of 245-176 with almost all the support coming from House Republicans. Garamendi offered an amendment to H.R. 2898 that would install a virtual fish screen at the Delta Cross Channel Gates, in order to protect fish while allowing the flow of fresh water through the Delta. The House Majority failed to adopt this commonsense measure. Garamendi issued the following statement: “At its core, this bill is part of a partisan campaign that sounds like a broken record. Yet again, the House brings up legis

Congressman Garamendi Responds to Governor Brown’s Revised BDCP Water Policy
"The changes to the BDCP – now known as the California Water Fix and California Eco Restore – just confirm our fear that this project is not about restoring the environment," Congressman Garamendi said. "It is merely about stealing water by building a facility that will lead to the destruction of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The governor has jettisoned all pretense of enhancing the ecology of the Delta. The new plan released today represents a financial savings at the expense of fish, wildlife, the San Francisco Bay, and the Delta." read more

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