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John Brumby

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A former Australian Labor Party politician.
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ENG: John Mansfield Brumby (born 21 April 1953), is a former Australian Labor Party politician who was Premier of Victoria from 2007 to 2010. He became Premier after the resignation of Steve Bracks. He also served as the Minister for Veterans' Affairs and the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. He contested his first election as Premier at the November 2010 Victorian state election. His government was defeated by the Liberal/National Coalition led by Ted Baillieu. Brumby stood down as Labor leader after the election, to be replaced by Daniel Andrews. Brumby resigned from parliament, with a Broadmeadows by-election taking place on 19 February 2011. Political career In 1983 Brumby was elected to the Australian House of Representatives for the seat of Bendigo, which he held until his ...
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John Brumby and Ted Baillieu united on urban growth boundary

FORMER premier John Brumby has backed changes made to the urban growth boundary by the Baillieu Government. This is despite claims by Labor that Melbourne's green wedges would fall victim to development. Mr Brumby, speaking at the Grattan Institute last night, said the Baillieu Government's planning policy was similar to his one. "The policy remains broadly unchanged, I think going forward, subject to some fine tuning," he said. Mr Brumby said his government had attempted to encourage development near existing transport, such as the ill-fated Camberwell station project. Read more: ...

John Brumby must find a new story for a jaded electorate

Four-year fixed terms were always going to make this November's state election something of a campaign marathon. Knowing exactly where the finish line is allows for a tactical race, with long-term strategy based on a certainty that is absent when an election date is at the whim and will of the party in power. But then came a federal election that went into extra-time. There was the agonising vote counts, the protracted negotiations over who would form government — and there was Rob Oakeshott's speech. The poll was exactly a month ago and the air has yet to be cleared for state ...

Minister undermines Brumby on euthanasia

Victorian Premier John Brumby has been undermined by one of his own ministers, who says an euthanasia debate should be back on the state parliament's agenda. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has vowed to give her Labor colleagues a conscience vote in the federal parliament on a Greens proposal to let the territories legalise euthanasia. On Monday, Mr Brumby said legalising euthanasia was not on the Victorian government's agenda. But on Wednesday, Children and Early Childhood Development Minister Maxine Morand said she wanted another debate on the issue. A private member's bill ...

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