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A New Zealand politician. The president of the ACT Party since 2013.
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ENG: John Spencer Boscawen (born c.1957) is an ACT New Zealand member of the New Zealand House of Representatives and as of May 2011, ACT's Parliamentary Leader and former Minister of Consumer Affairs of New Zealand. He came to parliament in the 2008 general election as a list MP, having been ranked fourth. Before entering parliament he was best known for his campaign against the Electoral Finance Act. He sat on the Finance and Expenditure, Commerce, and Parliamentary Service select committees, and is ACT's spokesperson for a range of issues including Housing, Transport, Energy and Economic Development. In January 2013 he became the president of the ACT Party. source 2011-09-22 updated: 2013-09-09
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Cabinet Approves Consumer Law Reform Bill

Minister of Consumer Affairs John Boscawen was today pleased to announce that the Consumer Law Reform Bill has been approved by Cabinet and will be tabled in Parliament for consideration when the House reconvenes early next month. “ACT and National in Government are committed to ensuring that New Zealand consumer law is effective and workable. The Consumer Law Reform Bill delivers on that commitment,” Mr Boscawen said. “This Bill represents the most significant changes to New Zealand’s consumer laws in more than 20 years. It will bring much-needed clarity in an era ...

John Boscawen - Speech to New Zealand Grey Power Federation

John Boscawen MP, ACT New Zealand Speech to New Zealand Grey Power Federation Annual General Meeting, College House, Christchurch, Wednesday, April 14 2010. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for the opportunity to address your AGM this morning.To President Les Howard, and your executive, I sincerely appreciate your adjusting your programme to accommodate me and the very important issue of power prices and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.Before turning to the ETS may I briefly acknowledge your former President, the late Graham Stairmand. I had the pleasure of working with Graham ...

John Boscawen new ACT deputy leader

John Boscawen replaces Roy as deputy leader. He also assumes responsibility as Minister of Consumer Affairs and the role of Associate Commerce Minister - in place of Act Party leader Rodney Hide. Hide takes Roy's old role as Associate Education Minister and another of Roy's former roles -Associate Defence Minister. Roy remains a member of the Act Party but has been sent on two weeks leave to consider her future. ''I've asked Heather to reflect on things. This is a tough day for the Act party and it's very, very tough for Heather, so I've asked her to reflect on things and take a two week ...

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Hipkins wrong – PSKH employees will be vetted
Labour MP Chris Hipkins is wrong - Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua will be subject to the new child protection policies announced yesterday, Associate Education Minister John Banks said today. “The Vulnerable Children’s Bill will require all Crown-funded or Crown-contracted organisations who work with children – which includes Partnership Schools - to comply with the vetting and screening requirements of the legislation,” Mr Banks said. “Under the Education Act 1989, Partnership Schools are subject to the same requirements as state schools with regard to the vetting of teaching and non-teaching staff members.   “This is not the first time Mr Hipkins has made false claims about the Partnership School policy – he is wrong when he says teachers won’t be qualified and he can’t even get the name right.  “I suggest he spends more time fact checking and less time scaremongering,” Mr Banks said.  ENDS / Press Release
Improving our resource management system - ACT's submission on the proposed RMA reforms
New Zealanders are rightly proud of our beautiful country. The early colonists stamped their mark on the landscape, as did the cities that were built on the fruits they seeded. Our forbearers created the wealth and prosperity that makes an even more congenial environment more affordable. The government's February 2013 discussion document, Improving our resource management system, makes the case that good resource management should improve both future economic prosperity and the quality of the environment. ACT strongly concurs. ACT also strongly agrees with the document that the current resource management system is imposing costs, uncertainties and delays that are adversely affecting jobs, investment, and productivity. We would go further and say that the 900-page Resource Management Act 1981 (RMA) has become one of the greatest investment- and job-destroying machines that has been inflicted on New Zealanders. The increasing focus on imposing petty paternalistic restrictions on th
Demand-Side Measures Won't Solve a Supply-Side Problem
ACT Leader John Banks today expressed concern about the conflicting moves by National and the Reserve Bank to both increase demand for housing and reduce it. “The Reserve Bank’s announcement that it’s a step closer to curbing low-equity housing loans by banks is at odds with National's announcement that they will introduce a range of measures to make it easier for first home buyers to get into the market,” Mr Banks said. “National’s policy will increase demand from first home buyers which will drive prices up.  The Reserve Bank’s measures will restrict demand by making it harder to get a loan. “One policy increases demand, the other policy restricts it, yet not enough is being done to tackle the real issue – supply. “ACT, National, the New Zealand Productivity Commission and the Reserve Bank all agree that the prime cause of the housing affordability problem is the artificial restriction of land.  “Introducing measures that increase the demand for land with
Freshwater reform 2013 and beyond
Freshwater is a vital component of human life and our economy. The management of the freshwater resource is therefore very important but as knowledge about freshwater evolves that management must adjust to avoid unnecessary scarcity or quality problems. A key part of management is to oversee systems that efficiently allocate freshwater, avoiding the waste associated with both under- and over-exploitation. It is very important to get these systems right. ACT acknowledges the valuable work undertaken by the Land and Water Reform on these issues, particularly in respect of its examination of the case for tradable rights or consents and the desirable design features of such a mechanism. ACT's April 2013 submission on the government discussion document: Improving our resource management system stressed the value, environmentally and otherwise, of a system of well-defined and well-enforced property rights for resolving disputes over the allocation of natural and physical resources and max

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