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John Boozman

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The junior U.S. Senator from Arkansas, serving since 2011.
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ENG: John Nichols Boozman (born December 10, 1950) is the junior U.S. Senator for Arkansas (since 2011). A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as the U.S. Representative for Arkansas's 3rd congressional district (2001–2011). Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, he was the brother of state Senator Fay Boozman. He attended the University of Arkansas, where he played football for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and graduated from the Southern College of Optometry. He co-founded a private optometry clinic in 1977 and worked as a volunteer optometrist for low-income families. He won a special election in 2002 to the United States House of Representatives, where he served as assistant majority whip and sat on the Republican Policy Committee. He was an advocate for drug policy issues ...
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That’s what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said recently to the newest junior Senator from Arkansas when it awarded him the “Spirit of Enterprise” award in recognition of his job creating agenda while he served in the House of Representatives and voted in concert with the agenda of foreign and domestic buyers and sellers 94% of the time. Boozman proved himself the friend of the middlemen, including the purveyors of health insurance and a host of financial engineers, by voting against the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank. That the legislation became law anyway suggests that ...

John Boozman Expresses Concerns of Washington Spending

Rep John Boozman (R-AR): It is clear that we are facing unprecedented challenges as a nation and there is uncertainty that we are working to resolve. I have read emails and letters that you send and understand you are worried. Among the themes of those letters is Washington spending. As Ed in Fort Smith wrote, “It appears that many in Congress are content to shell out billions of taxpayer's dollars, thinking that is the solution to our economic woes. Sadly, much of this is happening with no logical game plan and few details. If I did that in the business world, I'd probably get ...

Senator Boozman Says No Thanks to Tea Party Caucus

Arkansas' freshman Republican, John Boozman, comes to the Senate with solid conservative credentials (including a 96 percent rating last year from the American Conservative Union), but he tells ABC News he has no intention of joining the Senate Tea Party caucus. "Well you know I'm very supportive of what the Tea Party is trying to do. They're very concerned with spending, the deficit, the bailouts, you know all of those kinds of things," Boozman said in an interview for the ABC News Subway Series. "But I really think that the strength of the Tea Party is being a grassroots movement." Forming ...

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