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The Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2011 and a member of the Canadian Parliament for Ottawa West—Nepean since 2006.
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John Baird meets Myanmar president and FM

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird made a state visit to Myanmar, country with a dictatorial form of government. He also met with Wunna Maung Lwin, Myanmar’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Myanmar President Thein Sein in which his meeting with the president took place at the luxurious presidential palace in Naypyitaw. He expressed his support to all those people working behind the transformation and improvement undertaken by the government giving them the confidence to continue what they have started, according to the report from The Canadian Press. What he considered the best and ...

John Baird: in defense of ‘what is right’

A recent interview on al-Jazeera (posted March 31, 2012) with John Baird, Canada’s minister of Foreign Affairs, did nothing to change the image of Canada that is tending to be current in the international arena. The interviewer, who remained unnamed, asked good direct questions of Mr. Baird, who demonstrated his great oratorical skills of lack of definition, dissimulation (concealing full answers), evasion, denial, and repetition. The latter, as with the other elements, is a key element of Canadian political rhetoric domestically, wherein a line is repeated over and over and over again ...

Baird offers Burma dem. leader Suu Kyi hon. Can. citizenship

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird came bearing gifts Thursday as he travelled to Myanmar, ruled by one of Asia’s most repressive dictatorial regimes. Baird met first with Myanmar President Thein Sein, then with prominent pro-democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi. To Suu Kyi, an opposition leader and Nobel peace laureate who used the visit to express concerns about the country’s upcoming April election, he presented a certificate of honorary Canadian citizenship and an informal invitation to visit Canada. At his meeting with the president in Myanmar’s capital Naypyitaw, ...

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