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American politician - former U.S. Representatives for Illinois' 8th congressional district - member of the Republican Party.
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ENG: William Joseph "Joe" Walsh (born December 27, 1961) is an American politician. He served in the United States House of Representatives for Illinois' 8th congressional district. He served in Congress from January 2011 through January 2013 after defeating three-term incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean by a margin of 291 votes in a surprising upset. He received little Republican Party support for his bid against Bean, but was popular with the Tea Party movement. Previously, Walsh ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996 and for the Illinois General Assembly in 1998. He called himself a moderate Republican in the 1990s, but he is now a conservative and a Tea Party activist.During his first months in Congress, Walsh emerged as a sharp critic of the Obama administration, ...
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Walsh, Ill. Defends Plan To Skip Obama Jobs Speech

An outspoken Republican congressman from Illinois is defending his decision to boycott President Barack Obama's jobs speech next week. U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh said Saturday that Obama is abusing his power as president by calling a joint session of Congress for the address. Walsh said at a meeting of Republicans in his northeastern Illinois district that such a move should be reserved for "momentous" topics like war, not what he called a political speech. Walsh had said earlier in the week that he would not attend. He said he will still read Obama's speech and comment afterward, and he plans to ...

Joe Walsh still not paying his child support

In never ceases to amaze me, the sort of people that the tea party looks to as heroes: A judge in Chicago issued a preliminary ruling Wednesday against U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) in the Tea Party favorite’s child-support dispute with his ex-wife, ordering Walsh to explain why he appears to be $100,000 behind on his child-support payments. Cook County Circuit Judge Raul Vega also wanted to know why Walsh wasn’t in court for the hearing — the McHenry Republican’s ex-wife, Laura Walsh was — and said he expects him to show up at the next hearing, in ...

Is Joe Walsh supporting a one-state solution for Palestina?

Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has introduced a resolution in the US House of Representatives that seems to support formal Israeli apartheid. Or does it in fact support a one-state solution with equal voting rights for Israelis and Palestinians alike? Walsh was elected last year in Illinoi’s 8th Congressional District (north and west suburbs of Chicago) with strong Tea Party support. Walsh has also introduced legislation to cut $600 million of funding the United States gives to the Palestinian Authority. Walsh’s House Resolution 394 calls for: Supporting ...

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