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The U.S. Representative for Tennessee's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1988.
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ENG: John James "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. (born July 21, 1947) is the U.S. Representative for Tennessee's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1988. He is a member of the Republican Party. The district is based in Knoxville. Early life, education, and legal career Duncan was born in Lebanon, Tennessee. His "paternal grandparents were small farmers in Scott County, which in 1861 left Tennessee, refusing to follow the Volunteer State into the Confederacy, and declared itself 'the Free and Independent state of Scott.'" Duncan's father, John Duncan, Sr. "hitchhiked into Knoxville with five dollars in his pocket,' and after an education at the University of Tennessee was elected mayor of Knoxville and then congressman." The elder Duncan was also a co-owner of the Knoxville Smokies of the ...
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Duncan Praises Release from Education Law

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) applauded the U.S. Department of Education Friday for releasing Tennessee from the No Child Left Behind law, saying the move will free East Tennessee teachers from an unnecessary, burdensome, and ineffective federal mandate. “This law was a tremendous over-reach by the federal government to address failed school systems in some of our Nation’s biggest cities, and it was definitely not needed in the schools of East Tennessee,” Duncan said.The Department of Education granted Tennessee and nine other states a waiver from the education ...

Duncan's trove includes White House souvenirs

John J. "Jimmy" Duncan Jr. looks to the past as he works on the country's future whether he's at home in Farragut or in his Knoxville or Washington, D.C., congressional offices. The past is reflected in political memorabilia collected during a lifetime, including 23½ years in the U.S. House, and items that belonged to his dad, John Duncan Sr., the late Knoxville mayor and congressman. Books make up a lot of the collection, written by fellow Republicans, Democrats and others. Duncan, 64, has a reputation as a voracious reader and he can tell stories about and from the books. He also ...

Knox County commissioner says Duncan warned him about son

Knox County Commissioner R. Larry Smith claims Tennessee Congressman John Duncan, Jr. gave him a verbal warning following controversy about bonuses in the county trustee's office run by Duncan's son. Trustee John Duncan III paid himself and his employees for continuing education classes. Most of it was connected to the University of Tennessee County Technical Assistance Services (CTAS) program. Commissioner Larry Smith has been vocal about wantingDuncan to pay back the tens of thousands in bonusesfor the educational course they have yet to receive certification for. "It was last week he ...

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Congressman Duncan Calls for AED Devices in Schools
  Duncan Calls for AED Devices in Schools FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    CONTACT: Don Walker September 20, 2016    (202) 225-5435                      WASHINGTON – Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) introduced legislation today in the House that would encourage every state in the Country to require Automated External Defibrillators at all schools to aid students suffering cardiac arrests. “Encouraging state legislatures to consider laws requiring the placement of AED’s in schools is very important to ensure all students’ lives are valued. I have read numerous stories all across the Country where a student is placed in danger or loses their life because of limited awareness of and access to AEDs,” Congressman Duncan said. Tennessee and the 16 other states have led the way in emergency preparedness in academic settings by enacting laws that require the device be placed in all schools. In 1998, Congressman Duncan sponsored the Aviation Medical Assi
Why Tennessee Volunteered to Be Bad
Congressman John J. Duncan Jr. is quoted in an exploration of Vol Nation and SEC football...
"How I Was Wrong About ObamaCare" by Dr. Bob Kocher.
  Dr. Bob Kocher, Special Assistant to President Obama for Healthcare and Economic Policy from 2009-2010, writes for the Wall Street Journal... I was wrong. Wrong about an important part of ObamaCare. When I joined the Obama White House to advise the president on health-care policy as the only physician on the National Economic Council, I was deeply committed to developing the best health-care reform we could to expand coverage, improve quality and bring down costs. We worked for months to pass this landmark legislation, and I still count celebrating the passage of the Affordable Care Act with the president one balmy spring night in 2010 as one of my greatest Washington memories. What I got wrong about ObamaCare was how the change in the delivery of health care would, and should, happen. I believed then that the consolidation of doctors into larger physician groups was inevitable and desirable under the ACA. I joined my White House health-care colleagues— Ezekiel Emanuel and Nancy-A
Congressman Duncan's Statement on Scores Given to Congress by the National Parks Action Fund
The National Parks Action Fund is closely affiliated with and in fact was organized by the National Parks Conservation Association. The NPCA is really the parent organization to the National Parks Action Fund; and in fact, the head of the NPCA was at the press conference announcing formation of the National Parks Action Fund. The National Parks Conservation Association, like the Trump Foundation, is a tax-exempt foundation which pays no taxes. While I am sure the NPCA has probably done enough to comply with the letter of the law, they certainly have violated the spirit of the law which prohibits partisan political activities by tax-exempt organizations. To show you how highly partisan they have become, they rated almost every Democrat in the House with an “A” and almost every Republican with an “F.” In fact, 172 out of 188 Democrats got “A’s” and none got “F’s,” while 236 out of 244 Republicans got “F’s.” The National Parks Action Fund cherry-picked only 11 ou

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