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Jim Sensenbrenner

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The U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 5th congressional district, serving since 1979.
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ENG: Frank James (Jim) Sensenbrenner, Jr. (born June 14, 1943) is an American politician who has been a member of the Republican Party in the United States House of Representatives since 1979, representing Wisconsin's 5th congressional district. The district, the state's richest, includes many of Milwaukee's northern and western suburbs, and extends into rural Jefferson County. It was numbered as the 9th District until 2003. He has been a strong proponent of the Bush Administration's War on Terror. He is the former Chairman of the House Science Committee and the former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; when the Republicans lost control of the House, he finished his six-year term as Chairman, and was not able to be chosen as the Judiciary Committee's ranking minority member ...
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Sensenbrenner discusses a wide range of topics

U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wisconsin, made a winter town hall appearance Monday morning at the Sullivan Village Hall, meeting with constituents to discuss everything from his ongoing battle against higher taxes to the proper destination of Canadian oil. “I have a most responsible voting record against higher taxes,” Sensenbrenner told a very small but politically passionate group gathered for the session — among its members was Assembly District 31 Rep. Steve Nass, R-Elkhorn. Sensenbrenner said he is proud of that voting record. “But I have voted against a lot of ...

Congressman critical of Obama's address

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) joined State Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) at Sussex Village Hall on Jan. 27 to speak with their constituents. Residents posed a host of questions to Sensenbrenner, asking him about the state of the U.S. Postal Service, the federal budget, taxes, military base closures, and his thoughts on President Obama's State of the Union address. When asked about the postal service, the GOP lawmaker said, "There are going to have to be some changes made. I don't think we need six-day-a-week mail. I do think that getting rid of Saturday delivery may be a mistake, ...

Sensenbrenner Insults Michelle Obama's 'Big Butt'!

We know we're in a nasty political climate but partisanship has gone way, way too far when a Republican Congressman attacks the First Lady for having a 'large posterior.' Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner you are a rude dude. You recently were heard complaining loudly at the Delta Crown lounge at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., that Michelle Obama should practice what she preaches with her "Let's Move" campaign, promoting healthy eating and exercise habits."She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself," he complained on the phone. In other words, ...

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Citizens Against Government Waste Releases 2013 Rankings
On Tuesday, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste released the 2013 Congressional Rankings for the first session of the 113th Congress. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) responded to his “Taxpayer Hero” score of 96 percent, the fifth highest in the entire House of Representatives: Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner: “This ranking is a reflection of my tireless commitment to fiscal responsibility and responsible government. We can’t expect to grow our economy and create opportunity for future generations unless we address the out-of-control spending that ultimately drives our debt. I will continue to advance policy solutions that grow our economy and set our nation on a sustainable fiscal course.”
President Obama's War on Coal
On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a rule aiming to cut 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions nationwide by 2030, an Obama Administration order that skirts congressional authority and puts our economic growth in jeopardy. Of course, this most recent promulgation is part the President’s broader War on Coal, which adheres to a radical, dogmatic brand of environmentalism at the expense of American jobs.   Like most of my colleagues, I care deeply about the environment—Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful hills, lakes and farmland in the country. But I also believe we should be wary of environmental policies that have an adverse effect on economic growth. Under the proposed plan, electricity prices would skyrocket, the cost of doing business would increase and our international competitiveness would diminish.   It's troubling that the President uses the rhetoric of free enterprise and states’ rights to push a plan that is inherently anti
Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner & Zoe Lofgren Applaud Committee Passage of their Bipartisan Provision for Public Access to Scientific Research
The House Science, Space and Technology Committee yesterday approved an important bipartisan provision offered by Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) for speedier public access to basic scientific research that would have had lengthy delays imposed under H.R. 4186, the Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST) Act.  In a mark-up vote by the committee, lawmakers chose to adopt the Sensenbrenner-Lofgren provision reducing the embargo period on accessing federally funded peer-reviewed research to twelve months, in line with the industry standard, instead of the FIRST Act’s proposed and arbitrary two-to-three year embargo period. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner: “This amendment is a strong compromise between competing interests. While not the wish list of either the publishers or the open access community, it meets the ultimate goal of providing taxpayer access to federally-funded research. It benefits all Americans when their tax
The House’s Historic Vote to End Bulk Collection
Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed the USA FREEDOM Act by a vote of 303-121. It was the culmination of nearly a year of hard work to restore trust in our intelligence community and bring much-needed reform to our government’s surveillance authorities. Senator Leahy and I wrote the USA FREEDOM Act because the government misapplied our nation’s existing surveillance laws, upsetting the delicate balance between privacy and security. Our bill ends bulk collection, increases transparency and restores accountability. In this age of rapidly developing technologies, these goals are constitutional and practical necessities. Of course, there were setbacks, compromises and concessions made along the way in order to garner the required support. The Obama Administration insisted on broadening certain authorities and lessening certain restrictions to preserve core operations of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Some of these changes raise justifiable concerns a

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