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Jim McGinty

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ENG: James Andrew (Jim) McGinty (born 22 September 1949) is an Australian politician. He was a Labor member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly from 1990 to 2009, representing the district of Fremantle. He was Labor Party leader and Leader of the Opposition from 1994 to 1996. He served as a minister, most notably as Attorney-General, in the governments of Carmen Lawrence, Geoff Gallop and Alan Carpenter. McGinty was born in the Western Australian town of Kalgoorlie. He studied Arts and Law at the University of Western Australia. Before entering politics, he worked as an industrial officer, then became Secretary of the Miscellaneous Workers' Union. First elected to parliament at the 1990 Fremantle state by-election, McGinty became a minister in the government of Carmen ...
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Who should Labor turn to in Fremantle?

IF you were a Labor power broker, who would you choose to run for the seat of Fremantle at the next state election The PerthNow iPad app revealed on Friday that Labor is hoping that well-known TV gardener Josh Byrne from the ABC will help them wrestle the seat of Fremantle from the Greens at the next state election. Adele Carles won the seat of Fremantle in a by-election against Labor candidate Peter Tagliaferri in 2009 – making it Labor’s first loss in Fremantle since 1924. The by-election followed the departure of former Labor heavyweight Jim McGinty, who held the seat ...

Liberals will win election: McGinty

The former WA Labor Party power broker Jim McGinty believes Australia will wake up tomorrow morning to Tony Abbott as the new prime minister. The latest opinion poll shows Mr Abbott and Prime Minister Julia Gillard are an even chance of winning. Mr McGinty is predicting Mr Abbott will be a leader of a minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power in the senate. He says Ms Gillard ran a good campaign. "I think Julia Gillard did very well in selling the role of her government in the saving Australia from the global financial crisis," he said. "I think she pitched for the ...

Don't stand in the way of 'the keys of life'

WA's medical researchers, led by Professor Fiona Stanley, protested over possible cuts to research funding. They wanted government financial support to find cures or better treatments for diseases that impact heavily on the lives of so many people. In 2008, the Legislative Council refused to support those same medical researchers when it voted down laws to allow embryonic stemcell research in WA. In 2007, every Australian State and Territory government committed to use its "best endeavours" to pass legislation which had already been approved by the Federal Parliament. Today, WA stands ...

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