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Jim Hnatiuk

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The leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP) since 2008 and a deacon at Emmanuel Baptist Church.
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RoadKill Radio: Jim Hnatiuk on the Office of Religious “Freedom”
In the first of two parts, Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Jim Hnatiuk, leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. Mr. Hnatiuk discusses the government's new Office of Religious Freedom, and exposes it as a ploy to further destroy the Canadian culture by devaluing the very values on which this country was [...]

School Children Trained to Amputate: Islam and Canadian culture
CHP Canada Communiqué Vol 17, No 46 Nov 23, 2010 School Children Trained to Amputate By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party A British Broadcasting Corporation Panorama Investigation reports that more than 40 schools in Britain have trained over 5,000 children aged 6-18 years on Sharia Law and its punishments. A classroom book […]

RoadKill Radio: Jim Hnatiuk of the CHP
Kari Simpson and Ron Gray continue their recent discussion with Jim Hnatiuk, leader of Canada's socially and fiscally conservative Christian Heritage Party. As former leader of the same party, Ron Gray has intimate knowledge of the party's history, and his successor Mr. Hnatiuk spells out the current state and plans for the future. Tune in [...]

This Week On RoadKill Radio.com! (July 9 – July 15, 2012)
Rafe Mair Exposed, Free Speech Gains Ground, COFFEE, Arrested for Mentioning the Law, Police State? – There’s an Nasty Appy for That, Homophobophobia, and Strength in Numbers!Daily at 7:30 pm Eastern Monday, July 9, 2012 Drive For Justice: Rafe Mair, a Biography Ron Gray brings us up to speed on one of the villains of [...]

Atheism and cannibalism vs. Christianity
CHP Communique #34 * August 21, 2012 Christian Heritage Nonsense By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party Have you ever experienced attempts to belittle you, either overtly or by a subtle roll of the eyes, because you choose to support the Christian Heritage Party of Canada? I have certainly experienced this and oftentimes […]

God’s Law or Total Statism
CHP Canada Communiqué – Vol 17, No 35 * September 7, 2010 God’s Law or Total Statism By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party “You can’t legislate morality,” is a sentiment commonly expressed in our pluralistic society. “I’m not bound by your rules; I have my own way of looking at things,” is […]

Family Freedom Fighters: CHP’s Jim Hnatiuk Warns Against Cataloging People
Ron Gray interviews Jim Hnatiuk, leader of the CHP, about Quebec's new "Homophobic Acts Registry". Similar to BC's snitch App, Quebec is investing millions of taxpayer dollars into turning the public against itself.

Christianity is Feared
Ray: I ran in the 2008 Election as a candidate for the CHP Party in the Newmarket/ Aurora riding. I feel I should disclose this when promoting something the leader has to say. Because this article touched on matters of truth as promoted by Christians I thought it was an article that is worthy of [...]

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