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Jim Hnatiuk

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The leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP) since 2008 and a deacon at Emmanuel Baptist Church.
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ENG: Jim Hnatiuk is the leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. He was elected to that post in November 2008. As a youth, he attended a boarding school run by Oblate priests. He joined the Canadian Forces and served with them for 25 years in the Combat Systems Engineering Department in the Canadian Forces attaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer 1st Class. He has been involved with various churches and is currently a deacon at Emmanuel Baptist Church. In his professional life, he operates the largest hunting, fishing and taxidermy business in Nova Scotia. Political career Hnatiuk joined the Christian Heritage Party in 2002and has run as a candidate for the party in Nova Scotia in the 2004, 2006 and 2008 federal elections. He became deputy leader of the party in ...
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Hnatiuk to stay as CHP leader

Despite seeing his vote county shrink the leader of the Christian Heritage Party plans to stay on the job as long as the party wants him. Jim Hnatiuk picked up just 375 votes in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley in last week's federal election, which was less than the 778 he received in the 2009 byelection that saw Conservative Scott Armstrong returned to Ottawa with a greater share of the vote than two years ago. "Every three years the party can challenge the leadership so in March of next year if someone wants to challenge it will go into a leadership race. I said I would stay on ...

Concerned with how many Canadians not voting

Soon after leaving the military in 1995 Jim Hnatiuk started to think about what kind of Canada would be left for future generations. As he considered entering politics, he began researching each of Canada's political parties and soon found the Christian Heritage Party was the closest to his values and his vision of the future. "It became much clearer to me as I retired and my children were getting married and having children that I started thinking about what we're going to be leaving our children," Hnatiuk said. "It wasn't so much as how pleased I was with Christian Heritage Party as it ...

Polytechnique spin doesn’t intimidate CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk

Polytechnique Massacre – Long Gun? In response to this Montreal Gazette article, CHP Canada party leader Jim Hnatiuk said: “Polytechnique survivor, Heidi Rathjen, calling the scrapping of the long-gun registry “a scandal” is disingenuous. Heidi is using the death of others to serve her anti-gun agenda but studies have repeatedly shown that it’s responsible gun ownership, and not wasteful state controls, which will better protect our citizens.” Hnatiuk says he speaks from experience because he is a survivor and eye witness to the murder of his mother with a ...

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