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Jim Flaherty

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The 37th Minister of Finance and a member of the Canadian Parliament for Whitby-Oshawa since 2006.
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ENG: James Michael "Jim" Flaherty, PC, MP (born December 30, 1949) is Canada's Minister of Finance and Ontario's former Minister of Finance. From 1995 until 2005, he was the Member of Provincial Parliament for Whitby—Ajax, and a member of the Progressive Conservative Party caucus. He was a cabinet minister in the government of Mike Harris, and unsuccessfully sought the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives on two occasions. Flaherty won the riding of Whitby—Oshawa in the federal election held January 23, 2006 as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada narrowly beating Liberal incumbent Judi Longfield. He was re-elected in 2008 and 2011. Flaherty's wife Christine Elliott represents Whitby—Oshawa in the Ontario Legislature. Flaherty was born in ...
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Tories opt for small change

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty finished his budget speech Thursday, we half-expected new NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair to be leading the cheering section. He didn't; but he could have. This was not the budget Canadians anticipated from a Conservative government that finally had its majority. There were no deep cuts, as the left predicted. And there was certainly no reflection of small-c conservative values finally coming to the fore, no significant lessening of the civil service, and certainly no lessening of government spending. At its best, it was a Progressive Conservative budget. At ...

Flaherty’s plan forces you to expect less from Ottawa

Do not be fooled by the comforting language: Jim Flaherty’s budget 2012 will force every department of government to do less – and force you to expect less. The most transformative budget in a generation will effectively eliminate the federal deficit in two years, at worst, by cutting back on everything from food inspections to the size of embassies, from park maintenance to CBC programming, from gathering statistics to delivering foreign aid. The Finance Minister insists you won’t notice. The budget promises to save billions through ruthless administrative efficiency. Page ...

Jim Flaherty plays down impact of budget cuts

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is trying to play down the impact of the spending cuts in his budget, saying they will not slash government programs and services for Canadians. “The majority of the spending review reductions relate to back office operations of government,” he said, suggesting the savings will be felt mostly in the inner workings of the federal bureaucracy. Flaherty, who will lay out his economic strategy in the Commons at about 4 p.m. Thursday, is expected to bring in the toughest budget in years, scaling back government spending, axing federal government jobs and ...

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Weak Conservative lineup a reflection of Harper's leadership - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and MailWeak Conservative lineup a reflection of Harper's leadershipThe Globe and Mail... Day and retiring minister James Moore to campaign in British Columbia illustrates fundamental and revealing facts about the party. The Conservatives have the weakest cabinet in living memory, its weakness deepened with the death of Jim Flaherty and ...
Reader Offers Thoughts On Federal Election Campaign - The Meaford Independent
Reader Offers Thoughts On Federal Election CampaignThe Meaford IndependentHis only truly saving grace over the past decade was a reliance on Jim Flaherty, a sincere and helpful politician, but sadly for all of us, Jim died far too soon. As noted in Doug Sanders' comment in his Foreign-Policy Debate article in yesterday's ...a další »
Harper campaigning without ally Jim Flaherty for first time since winning power - Toronto Sun
Toronto SunHarper campaigning without ally Jim Flaherty for first time since winning powerToronto SunOTTAWA -- Stephen Harper has embarked on the campaign trail without several prominent Conservatives in his lineup -- but one missing name could have a bigger impact than the rest: Jim Flaherty. This marks Harper's first election since winning power in ...a další »
John Baird says Jim Flaherty's death spurred him to leave politics - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and MailJohn Baird says Jim Flaherty's death spurred him to leave politicsThe Globe and MailFormer foreign affairs minister John Baird said his retreat from politics was motivated by the sudden death last year of his close friend and former finance minister Jim Flaherty. Mr. Flaherty, who like Mr. Baird was a 20-year Conservative Party ...a další »

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