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The junior United States Senator from Oregon since 2009.
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ENG: Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" Merkley (born October 24, 1956) is the junior United States Senator from Oregon. A member of the Democratic Party, Merkley was a five-term member of the Oregon Legislative Assembly representing House District 47, located in eastern Multnomah County within the Portland city limits. He also served as Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives. He defeated two-term Republican incumbent Gordon Smith in the 2008 U.S. Senate election. Political career After completing his master's in 1982, Merkley was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow, working at the Office of the Secretary of Defense on the security of American military technology. After his fellowship, he worked in the Congressional Budget Office, analyzing nuclear weapons policies and ...
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Sen. Merkley to join Rep. Schrader at meeting‎

U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader, who is fighting a tough campaign for a second term, will be joined by U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley to encourage volunteer canvassers this afternoon in Salem neighborhoods. Merkley unseated Republican Gordon Smith from the U.S. Senate in the Democratic tide of two years ago, when Schrader also won the 5th District seat vacated by Democrat Darlene Hooley. Schrader and Merkley will appear together starting at 1 p.m. at Marion County Democratic headquarters, 250 Liberty St. SE, Salem. They'll speak to volunteers at the campaign phone bank first. BY ...

Merkley, Wu Join In Veteran's Day Commemorations

Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative David Wu addressed members of American Legion Post 124 in Beaverton Thursday, in recognition of Veteran’s Day. The ceremony began at 11 o’clock sharp to mark the moment 92 years ago when the guns fell silent at the end of the first World War. The event was held at the Bethel Congregation United Church, before an overflow crowd. The ceremony recognized members of all service branches, with a special tribute to the service of American women. Representative David Wu thanked veterans for their service. He spoke of his ...

Merkley joins uprising to change Senate's rules...

Joining forces with some of the Senate's newest members, Sen. Jeff Merkley is working to loosen the institution's rules on filibusters and other procedural tools that are used to stall progress on even the most basic legislative actions. The gambit is a direct response to the often immovable barriers that can be erected by a single senator or a small group. Those tools have have blocked hundreds of bills and nominations in the last year, frustrating many members but especially those like Merkley who were elected in 2008. Merkley is circulating a 7-page memo that outlines his ...

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I'm not letting them take that stolen seat
This week, the Senate will consider confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court – and I’ll do whatever it takes to stop his confirmation. I pledged to filibuster this nomination, and one by one, my Democratic colleagues are signing on to join the filibuster. Sign my petition now to stand with me and join the resistance! Why am I so opposed to Judge Gorsuch?  Three reasons: #1. Senate Republicans stole this Supreme Court seat from President Obama. The shameless refusal to consider - let alone confirm -  President Obama's nominee was a dangerous court-packing scheme with no precedent in all of American history.  Allowing this tactic to work will deeply damage the integrity of the Court. #2. The American people deserve to know if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the election. We should not be considering this lifetime appointment made by Donald Trump until the investigations are complete.  #3. Judge Gorsu
Our fight for health care continues
When Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans tried to impose a health care age tax, put insurance companies back in charge, and take away coverage from 24 million Americans, we stopped them in their tracks. But we can't rest. Now, it’s up to us to keep up the fight for a fair health care system that works for all Americans. The Republicans plan was actually about giant tax cuts for the super wealthy, but we have real ideas about how to make health care more affordable and equitable. Let's bring down prescription drug prices by giving Medicare the power to negotiate better deals and cracking down on Wall Street vultures who buy up pharmaceutical companies and engage in price gouging. Let's lower the age of Medicare eligibility, so more people have access to the most cost effective and popular coverage available. And a public option would be a powerful way to increase competition and get people a better deal on insurance. A public option in Oregon's workers' comp sy
TrumpCare fails: You did it!
What a resounding victory!   For weeks, the American people made their voices heard. We marched, we called, we signed petitions, and we rallied.   We made it clear that Donald Trump's health care plan would hurt too many families. And our message came through loud and clear -- to our friends and neighbors, and to Capitol Hill.     But this isn't over.   We know that they'll try again. And again. And again. Whether they bring forward another big bill, or attack specific elements, we know that they'll keep trying to undermine the promise of affordable, accessible health care for all.   So, with today's victory in hand, let's commit to building this movement to resist Trump and renew America together.   Onward!
My filibuster last night - and what's next:
Our resistance is strong, and your support makes us even stronger.   Last night, with Senate Republicans rushing to confirm Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, I took a stand for the American people and the integrity of our democracy. For about 15 and a half hours, I spoke on the Senate floor to filibuster the Republican ploy to steal a Supreme Court seat and install a right-wing activist judge.   I was so heartened to hear from hundreds of thousands of progressives who stood with me in this fight for our values. We can’t give up now: Chip in right now to help us keep building the resistance!   Ahead, the Republicans have a choice.  Do they change the rules with the “nuclear option” and force this ideologue onto the Court?  Or do they pull back from the brink and bring America together?   We are making history and leading the resistance that America needs in the age of Donald Trump. We will not back down, we wi

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