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The U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2011.
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ENG: Jeffrey D. Duncan (born January 7, 1966) is the U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 3rd congressional district who is a member of the Republican Party. He is formerly a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Early life, education, and career In 1984, he graduated from Ware Shoals High School. He is a 1988 graduate of Clemson University. He played college football while Danny Ford was Head Coach. He is currently the President and CEO of J. Duncan Associates, a family-owned real estate marketing firm. South Carolina legislature Tenure Governor Mark Sanford him a “Tax Payer Hero.” He was given the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, an A+ rating from the Club for Growth, the ...
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Duncan sends back unused funds to pay down national debt

South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan joined his in-state colleague Rep. Mick Mulvaney of Indian Land, along with several other members from across the country to announce they were returning significant portions of their office budgets with the intent that it be used to pay down the country’s debt. Duncan announced that his office would be returning at least $200,000 or 14.2% of his overall budget. That figure comes after Congressional offices had already taken a 5% budget cut during the previous year. Duncan made his announcement at a press conference outside the United States ...

Veteran's Day Message From Congressman Jeff Duncan

South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-3) released the following statement for Veterans Day: "On Veterans Day we are reminded that 'Freedom isn’t Free.'" "This week my family and I had the privilege of visiting and honoring many of our troops and veterans. Earlier this week, my wife Melody attended the South Carolina Honor Flight trip, accompanying dozens of World War II veterans from the Upstate to Washington, DC to visit war memorials. I spent this past week visiting with our armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will be spending Veterans Day with wounded and recovering ...

Duncan: ‘Countering Iran in the Westering Hemisphere Act'

Congressman Jeff Duncan introduced legislation to protect U.S. citizens from threats from Iran and protect American interests and assets in our own hemisphere. The “Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act of 2012” (H.R. 3783) comes a week after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s five-day tour of four Latin American countries. The bipartisan bill has 25 original cosponsors. Duncan’s legislation makes it clear that American policy is to counter Iran’s influence in Latin America by requiring a coordinated and targeted strategy that uses all elements of ...

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43 Representatives join Duncan's call to McConnell: Bring Homeland Security Appropriations to the Floor
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Jeff Duncan today sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, urging him to begin Senate debate of the Homeland Security Appropriations bill. Duncan was joined by 43 House Republican colleagues. Homeland Security Appropriations are set to expire on February 27, 2015. The House-passed bill, H.R. 240, continues critical Homeland Security functions while also defunding President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty actions. “We write to urge you to bring H.R. 240 to the floor as soon as the Senate completes consideration of Keystone XL,” Duncan wrote in the letter. “We believe that Senate Republicans must honor the promise they made to the American people last year to stand firm against the President’s lawless actions and preserve Congress’ constitutional role as a lawmaking body.  We believe that bringing H.R. 240 to the floor now is the first step in accomplishing this goal.” “I believe this is a critical moment for Congressi
Congress Passes the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Sends Bipartisan Bill to President Obama’s Desk
WASHINGTON, DC—The House of Representatives concurred with the Senate’s changes to the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation on Wednesday and sent the bill to President Obama’s desk where it awaits an uncertain fate. While the legislation received bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, President Obama has threatened to veto the widely popular jobs bill. Even though the legislation is expected to create thousands of jobs and make the United States more energy secure, President Obama has stated that he opposes the measure because it circumvents the normal bureaucratic approval process.   “It’s taken longer for the Administration to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline than it took America to win WWII,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “The Keystone XL Pipeline creates jobs, lessens our dependence on Middle Eastern sources of oil, doesn’t cost the taxpayers, and has strong bipartisan support. This is a perfect example of how both parties can set aside their differences and
Energy, ISIS, and Freedom
Dear Friends, I have some important news I wanted to share with you. First off, let me say that my prayers go out to the University of South Carolina community for the tragedy they experienced this afternoon. That was truly heart wrenching to hear, and my thoughts go out to students, faculty, and university community during this difficult time. Last week, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released the proposed 5 year plan for energy development of the nation’s outer continental shelf.  Included in the plan is the first leasing sale for energy exploration and development off the coast of South Carolina.  This is a potential game-changer for South Carolina, as well as a step towards achieving American energy independence. Private estimates show that the state could have as much as 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off the South Carolina coast. A separate study calculated that oil and natural gas production could create over 7,500 new jobs in South Carolina, have a statewide
Harris Poll shows strong South Carolina support for offshore drilling
WASHINGTON, DC – A new poll released today showed that an overwhelming majority of South Carolina voters support increased energy production, including the development of American offshore resources.  According to the Harris Poll of 604 South Carolina registered voters, 71% supported drilling for oil and gas offshore, compared to only 21% who opposed exploration. “This just shows that South Carolinians support offshore energy development and American Energy Independence,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina about the poll. “The vast majority of voters in our state recognize the economic and foreign policy benefits of increased energy production. American energy production means the creation of thousands of new jobs, decreased prices for consumers, and stability abroad.“ The poll, conducted in mid-January, showed strong support for increased domestic production of oil and natural gas resources onshore and offshore, and dissatisfaction with federal energy policy. 

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