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Jean-Claude Trichet

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Un haut fonctionnaire français. | A French civil servant. Was the president of the European Central Bank (2003-2011).
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FRA: Jean-Claude Trichet, né le 20décembre1942 à Lyon, est un haut fonctionnaire français. Après avoir été directeur du Trésor de 1987 à 1993, gouverneur de la Banque de France de 1993 à 2003, il fut président de la Banque centrale européenne de 2003 à 2011. Biographie Jean-Claude Trichet est né le 20 décembre 1942 à Lyon dans une famille d'intellectuels. Son père est enseignant, normalien, ami de Georges Pompidou et de Léopold Sédar Senghor. Il est élève au lycée Condorcet à Paris, puis diplômé ingénieur civil de l'École nationale supérieure des mines de Nancy en 1964, titulaire d'une ...
for6against   European governments have already committed more than $2 trillion to banks and money markets in efforts to shore up investor confidence, spetr
for2against   first of all this financial crisis is very likely going to hit Europe even harder than the United States. Several European countries have already declared offic, spetr
for2against   FED and ECB, tell me who will pay all the money you throw away, spetr
for0against   Is Switzerland the next Iceland? 7.5 million people houses SFr3.46trn of bank deposits, almost seven times its gross national product, spetr
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Is Switzerland the next Iceland?

In an extraordinary move for a nation proud of its financial prudence and stability, Switzerland was forced to take emergency measures yesterday to shore up its two biggest lenders to prevent a collapse in confidence in the country's banking system.The state will inject SFr6bn (£3.1bn) into UBS, its biggest bank, in return for a 9.3 per cent stake, and will allow UBS to unload $54bn (£31bn) of toxic assets, including sub-prime mortgages and Alt-A securities, into a fund controlled by the central bank.Credit Suisse, the No 2 Swiss lender, obeyed instructions from the central bank by ...

IMF to investigate its director

The IMF said the inquiry was instigated by a long-serving governing board member, Shakour Shaalan of Egypt.In a statement Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he was co-operating with the inquiry but denied abusing his power, according to Reuters news agency.It comes as the world grapples with the worst financial crisis for decades.The investigation is believed to centre on whether Mr Strauss-Kahn had a relationship with Piroska Nagy, until recently a senior IMF official.It is to examine whether she got a larger severance package than would otherwise have been expected when she left the organisation in ...

FinanÄŤnĂ­ zranitelnost Evropy

NejpozoruhodnÄ›jší inovace posledních dvou desetiletí byly v oblasti financí. StejnÄ› jako v technickém novátorství se finanÄŤní inovace týkají neustálého hledání vyšší efektivity – v tomto pĹ™ípadÄ› sniĹľování ceny pĹ™evodĹŻ financí mezi stĹ™adateli a investory. SníĹľení ceny, které pĹ™edstavuje ÄŤistý pĹ™ínos pro spoleÄŤnost, je tĹ™eba hodnotit pĹ™íznivÄ›. Jak ale ukazuje souÄŤasná ...

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