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Janice Hahn

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U.S. Representative from California's 44th congressional district and a member of the Democratic Party.
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ENG: Janice Kay Hahn (born March 30, 1952) is the U.S. Representative from California's 44th congressional district and a member of the Democratic Party. She was previously a Los Angeles City Councilwoman representing the 15th district from 2001 to 2011. From 1997 to 1999 she served as an elected representative on the Los Angeles Charter Reform Commission. On July 12, 2011, Hahn won a special election for Congress to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Jane Harman. She defeated Republican Craig Huey, a Tea Party-backed direct marketer from the Torrance area, with 55 percent of the vote to Huey's 45 percent. Early life, education, and business career Hahn was raised in a politically involved family. She is the daughter of the late Ramona Hahn (née Fox) and the late Kenneth Hahn, a ...
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Representative Janice Hahn sworn in

As the newly elected representative of the 36th congressional district, Janice Hahn is jumping into the thick of things in Washington, with the debt ceiling budget raging and a balance budget appearing to be elusive to both major parties. And then ....However, without a respite or a honeymoon period, in less than a year, she'll be traveling down the campaign road again; her recent victory only allows her to finish her predecessor's term. She will have to gear up again to run for her very own full term. Last Tuesday, Congresswoman-elect Janice Hahn joined the California delegation and became ...

Janice Hahn to Run Against Laura Richardson

The majority of Long Beach used to be housed within the 37th District, which also included parts of Carson and Compton, represented by Congressmember Laura Richardson. With redistricting finally complete, that is no longer the case as the old 37th has been split into the new 44th and 47th districts, with Long Beach residing in the latter.The new 47th District includes more Republicans and is also less diverse due to its inclusion of Orange County cities, so Richardson has potentially opted to run in the new 44th, which is strongly Democratic and more diverse, featuring a larger African ...

Democrat Janice Hahn Wins CA-36 Special Election

It's tough for a Republican to win California's 36th congressional district, where Democrats enjoy a sizable registration advantage, but it seemed like this could be the year. The competition, L.A. City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, had a long record of squandering time on ill-advised initiatives. She upset some Democrats during the primary campaign. And turnout was guaranteed to be low, a possible opening for a long shot challenger with an enthusiastic base of support. Early Wednesday morning, however, unofficial results showed that the Democrats won anyway, defeating challenger Craig Huey by a ...

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