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Jack Layton

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Former leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) (from 2003 to 2011). Died on August 22, 2011.
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NDP Leader Jack Layton's son to say next Friday if ...

... he'll enter politics TORONTO - The son of federal NDP Leader Jack Layton may be about to follow his father and grandfather into politics. Michael Layton says he will announce a week from today whether he will run for Toronto City Council in Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina. He says he's put out an invitation to friends, colleagues and other community activists to come together in celebration and that he has something exciting to tell them. The 31-year-old deputy outreach director of Environmental Defence Canada says inferring that he's going to run from that "might be premature, it might be ...

Would Jack Layton campaign with cancer?

The short answer to the question posed in this blog post title is: Yes. And it's not just an academic question. When Parliament resumes on March 3, there are going to be several confidence votes right out of the gate. First, the Speech from the Throne will be delivered on March 3 and the budget will be delivered on March 4. Votes on the budget are automaticlly votes of confidence. I'm sure I need remind no readers of this blog that a government that loses a vote of confidence in the House of Commons must, in almost all circumstances, ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call a ...

Jack Layton, most popular federal leader

In the balanced and fair fashion appropriate to a fearlessly partisan political blog, today seems like a good day to take note of the most recent Angus-Reid report. New Democrat Jack Layton has the highest satisfaction rating of the major party leaders. Twenty nine per cent of respondents reported they approved of his performance, while 34 per cent disapproved. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was next: 26 per cent approve of his performance, while 51 per cent disapprove. Judging from that sky-high disapproval rating, the Prime Minister has paid a heavy price for his habit of padlocking Canada's ...

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