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Islom Karimov

* President
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Oʻzbekiston Respublikasining birinchi Prezidenti. | Президент Республики Узбекистан с 1991 года. | The President of Uzbekistan since 1991.
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UZB: Islom Abdugʻaniyevich Karimov (1938 yilning 30 yanvarida tugʻilgan) Oʻzbekiston Respublikasining birinchi Prezidenti, Oʻzbekiston Qurolli Kuchlari Oliy Bosh Qoʻmondoni va 2007 yilgi prezidentlik saylovlari gʻolibidir. Oʻzbekiston mustaqilligi eʼlon qilingunga qadar UzSSR kommunistik partiyasi birinchi sekretari. 1991 yilda Oʻzbekiston Prezidenti etib saylandi va hozirgacha shu lavozimni egallab kelmoqda. Oʻzbekistonning birinchi Prezidenti. Islom Karimov boshchiligida Oʻzbekiston oʻzining Konstitutsiyasiga ega boʻldi, BMTda tan olindi va iqtisodiyoti boshqa MDH davlatlariga nisbatan barqaror rivojlandi. source RUS: Ислам Абдуганиевич Каримов (узбекск. Islom Abdugʻaniyevich Karimov) (род. 30 января 1938, ...
for1against   I'm proud, I've been working with this kind of self-sacrificing people like you. - Islom Karimov, pacman
for1against   I say there is not more happiness for me than the freedom of my Homeland. - Islom Karimov, pacman
for33against   Я не согласен / сна Islom Karimov это плохой выбор. Например, потому что... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему это плохой выбор, я бы написал/а это здесь), negative
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WikiLeaks: Каримов настраивал США против России ‎

Вновой порции дипломатической переписки, опубликованной WikiLeaks говорится отом, что президент Узбекистана Ислам Каримов проявлял недовольство Россией, сообщает InoСМИ. Поего словам, она вмешивалась вдела Средней Азии идаже доходила до провокаций. Депеша подчеркивала, что узбекский лидер готов к более тесному сотрудничеству ...

Islom Karimov to Attend CSTO Meeting in Moscow

President Islam Karimov will attend an upcoming Collective Security Treaty Organization meeting (CSTO) after months of speculation over whether Uzbekistan would leave the organization."We have received a formal notice that the Uzbek president is willing to attend a session of the Organization’s Collective Security Council along with other CSTO heads of state," a source at the CSTO’s secretariat told the Russian news agency Interfax on June 8.Uzbekistan withdrew from the Eurasian Economic Community last November. In April, the Uzbek foreign minister declined to attend a meeting for ...

Ислом Каримов билан келишиб бўладими?

(Пўлат Охуновнинг “Центр Азия” интернет тармоғидаги мақоласига муносабат) Менимча Ўзбекистон президенти Исломи Каримов билан ҳеч қачон келишиб бўлмайди. Нега бўлмаслигини шу кунларда Ўзбекистон турмаларида, “емаган сомсага пул тўлаб” ёш умри хазон бўлаётганлардан; қишлоқларда битта нонга зор бўлиб ...

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CIS Leaders Lambast Poroshenko Following Snub at Summit - RIA Novosti
RIA NovostiCIS Leaders Lambast Poroshenko Following Snub at SummitRIA NovostiThe presidents, quite predictably, saw Poroshenko's move as a snub; two of them, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, personally scolded Poroshenko for failing to respect his neighbors and for his heavy-handed approach to ...Belarus eager to advance relations with UzbekistanBelarus News (BelTA)CIS is great opportunity to have direct int'l dialogue – Uzbek presidentCihan News AgencyPoroshenko's absence at CIS summit not to affect Ukraine settlement — LavrovITAR-TASSall 100 news articles »
Effects of Reforms to Boost the Welfare of People
<p align="justify">President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov traveled October 6 to the Andijan Region in order to review the course of socio-economic reforms and creative endeavors in provinces. </p> <p align="justify">The Andijan Region is assigned a special place in the development of our country’s economy. Manufacturing industry and agriculture and the labor of selfless people of this province have been instrumental in the steadfast enhancement of reforms across the spheres. The appearance of the administrative capital of the region and of other towns and villages has been transforming cardinally, and the living standards of the locals have been rising to a considerable extent. </p> <p align="justify">Consistent have been the efforts dedicated to the development of industrial sectors, construction of new enterprises and modernization of the existing capacities. 2,815 projects totaling 253 billion soums have been implemented and m
Ex-Soviet states bicker as Putin tries to unite them - Reuters
ReutersEx-Soviet states bicker as Putin tries to unite themReutersRecriminations worsened when Uzbek President Islam Karimov then spoke out against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for not attending the meeting, accusing him of preferring to go to Brussels to talk to Western leaders rather than meet his CIS ...Uzbek president urges to end use of force in UkraineKyiv Postall 225 news articles »
Samarkand Hosts World Tourism Forum
<p align="justify">On October 2, the Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) started its ninety-ninth session in Samarkand’s Forumlar Majmuasi Complex. </p> <p align="justify">The international forum is attended by representatives of UNWTO member nations, specialists from dozens of countries with advanced travel industry, including the United States, France, Spain, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia, among others, along with leaders of international tourism organizations and experts. </p> <p align="justify">President Islam Karimov delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the session.</p>

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