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جامعه اسلامی مهندسین یک حزب اصولگرا از زیر مجموعه های جبهه پیروان خط امام و رهبری است. | The Islamic Society of Engineers (ISE) is a political organization in Iran.

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جامعه اسلامی مهندسین یک حزب اصولگرا از زیر مجموعه های جبهه پیروان خط امام و رهبری است. دبیرکل این حزب محمدرضا باهنر و قائم‌مقام دبیرکل آن محمد ناظمی اردکانی است. محمود احمدی‌نژاد رئیس‌جمهور ایران از دیگر اعضای این گروه هستند.


دبیرکل:     محمدرضا باهنر

بنیانگذاری:     ۱۳۶۷

ستاد:     تهران

جناح:     اصولگرایان

ائتلاف:     جبهه متحد اصولگرایان







The Islamic Society of Engineers (Persian: جامعهٔ اسلامی مهندسین‎, Jām'at-e eslāmī-ye mohandisīn) or ISE, is a political organization in Iran, a member of the conservative Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran.


The Society was formed at the end of the Iran–Iraq War (1988) with the objective of "elevating the Islamic, political, scientific and technical knowledge of the Muslim people of Iran, defending major freedoms such as freedom of expression and gatherings, as well as continued campaign against foreign cultural agents whether Eastern or Western materialism."


Famous members of the society include Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the sixth President of Iran, Mohammad Reza Bahonar, Secretary General of the society and the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and Morteza Nabavi, Deputy Secretary General of the society and a member of Expediency Discernment Council.


While President Dr.Ahmadinejad & Dr.Mohammad Sasani is a member of the society, the society did not support him for the Iranian presidential election of 2005 which led to Ahmadinejad's election in the second round, but supported Ali arijani instead.


Leader: Mohammad Reza Bahonar

Founded: 1988

Ideology: Islamism National conservatism



12th November 08

updated: 2013-04-07

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