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جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی | The Islamic Iran Participation Front (Jebheye Mosharekate Iran-e Eslaami) is a reformist political party in Iran.
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بیانیه جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی در حمایت از راهپیمایی ۲۵ بهم

امروز: جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی با انتشار بیانیه ای حمایت خود را از برگزاری راهپیمایی ۲۵ خرداد اعلام کرد. این راهپیمایی به پیشنهاد رهبران جنبش سبز، میرحسین موسوی و مهدی کروبی، برای اعلام همبستگی با جنبش آزادی خواه مردم تونس و لبنان اعلان شده است. متن کامل بیانیه جبهه مشارکت در پی می آید: بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم جنبش دموکراسی ...

Reformists say only change can guarantee continuity of Islam

An Iranian reformist group says heeding the popular demands for reform can "save the regime from collapse and degeneration." The Islamic Iran Participation Front issued a statement on Norooz website today saying that by supporting fair elections and rejecting military interference, the people are focusing on reforms that will guarantee the longevity of the system. Islamic Iran Participation Front The country's top reformist party notes similarities between the words and deeds of "Iran's power mongers" and the supporters of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president who was just unseated. The ...

Iranian reform party welcomes February 14 rally

The Iranian reformist organization Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) is urging people to join the February 14 rally in support of the Arab uprisings, so long as the government issues a permit. Iranian opposition wants to hold a rally on February 14. Islamic Iran Participation Front welcomed the decision by Iran's opposition leaders to stage a demonstration in support of the "democracy-seeking uprisings of the region," calling it a sign of "unity and solidarity of the Iranian people with the people of Tunisia and Egypt," Norooz website reports. Accused of "activities against ...

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