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The IMF itself should be on trial

In 1944, the countries that were poised to win the Second World War gathered in a hotel in rural New Hampshire to divvy up the spoils. With a few honourable exceptions, like the great British economist John Maynard Keynes, the negotiators were determined to do one thing. They wanted to build a global financial system that ensured they received the lion's share of the planet's money and resources. They set up a series of institutions designed for that purpose – and so the IMF was delivered into the world. The IMF’s official job sounds simple and attractive. It is supposedly there ...

Russia slams foot-dragging over IMF reform

Developed nations are dragging their feet over reforms of the International Monetary Fund, where Moscow wants to have a greater say, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Saturday."We already see a lot of foot-dragging and tripping-up along this path," said Kudrin during Russia's premier economic forum in Saint Petersburg."There is a need to make the IMF a true representative of the world's leading economies. It's not there right now," he said, noting that China had a lower representation quota than Switzerland or Belgium.The issue of IMF reform should therefore be raised "in earnest, ...

IMF: Oil-Rich Gulf SWFs Invest At Home Amid Global Econ Crisis

Oil-rich Middle East sovereign wealth funds can play an important role in stabilizing regional economies amid the global financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund said Sunday. "In times of financial stress in the domestic economy, SWFs domestic investments may temporarily deviate from pure profit maximization to support broader macroeconomic financial stabilization objectives," the organization said in its regional economic outlook. Two of the region's largest funds, the Kuwait Investment Authority, or KIA, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority have repatriated funds and deposited ...

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