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The "Indignados" OCCUPY TOGETHER - Worldwide protest against the greed of politicians and banks which has brought the planet into financial crisis.
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Click, if you do not support the Indignants movement (Indignados). Say why. / Haga clic en, si no el apoyo el movimiento de indignados. Diga por qué.

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ENG: The 2011–2012 Spanish protests, also referred to as the 15-M Movement, the Indignants movement, and Take the Square #spanishrevolution are a series of ongoing demonstrations in Spain whose origin can be traced to social networks such as Real Democracy NOW (Spanish: Democracia Real YA) or Youth Without a Future (Spanish: Juventud Sin Futuro) among other civilian digital platforms and 200 other small associations. The protests started on 15 May 2011 with an initial call in 58 Spanish cities. The series of protests demands a radical change in Spanish politics, as protesters do not consider themselves to be represented by any traditional party nor favoured by the measures approved by politicians. Spanish media have related the protests to the economic crisis, Stéphane ...
for33against   I clearly support it. The Indignants movement is quite good and reliable organisation. They have my support!, positive
for33against   I am strongly opposed! The Indignants movement (Indignados) is bad and useless organization., negative
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Spain's 'Indignados' surround parliament

Madrid's #25S protesters continue to struggle after violent clashes. Late Tuesday, thousands of protesters surrounded the Spanish Parliament in Madrid's Neptuno Square to challenge Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's imposition of austerity measures. As of Wednesday, Reuters reported 64 people, including police and demonstrators, injured and 28 protesters arrested. Reuters collected several clips of footage from the demonstration. Read more: The Stream - Al Jazeera English (Sep 26,2012)

'Indignados' continue protest behind the scenes

Long before the Occupy movement besieged Wall Street a year ago, the 'Indignados‘ set up their tents in the center of Madrid. The tents have gone and the Spanish people’s protest movement has become less visible. To many foreign observers, the Spanish 15-M movement which first shook Spain and the world on May 15, 2011, has failed. In fact, most Spanish people have lost faith in it. "They refused to join existing political groups - that's what tore them apart," said Leon Arsenal, author and the commissioner of cultural affairs with the Spanish party Unión Progreso y ...

USA 2012: All ready in Charlotte, 'indignados expected'

Charlotte - All is in readiness in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic Party Convention. At the event Barack Obama will be officially invested with the candidacy for re-election. In the most important city in North Carolina, the second American financial center after New York, the "indignados" are expected, those exasperated with the big banks and the distortions of the financial markets. AGI Read more: AGI.it (03 SET 2012)

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