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סיעת העצמאות - for

מפלגת העצמאות (Sia'at Ha'Atzma'ut) | Independence is a Zionist political party in Israel.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומכים סיעת העצמאות. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support this political party. Say why.

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HEB: העצמאות הייתה מפלגה שהתפלגה ממפלגת העבודה ב-17 בינואר 2011, במהלך כהונת הכנסת השמונה עשרה בראשות אהוד ברק.‏‏ חברי הכנסת של הסיעה היו אהוד ברק, שלום שמחון, עינת וילף, אורית נוקד ושכיב שנאן אשר הושבע כח"כ במקומו של מתן וילנאי שהתפטר מחברותו בכנסת לקראת מינויו לשגריר ישראל בסין. אפיון: מפלגת מרכז אותיות: לא התמודדה בבחירות מנהיגים: אהוד ברק נוצרה מתוך: מפלגת העבודה מקור ENG: Independence (Hebrew: העצמאות‎, Ha'Atzma'ut) is a political party in Israel. It was launched ...
for33against   אני תומך סיעת העצמאות! מתוך נקודת המבט שלי היא מפלגה די טוב ואמין., positive
for33against   אני מתנגד בתוקף. סיעת העצמאות היא בחירה גרועה. מסיבה פוליטית זו פשוט אי אפשר לסמוך!, negative
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Netanyahu and Barak agree not to cut defense budget

Deal secures support of Barak's Independence party for government's austerity plan • Under separate deal with Shas, in exchange for the ultra-Orthodox party's support, cuts to Interior and Housing Ministries canceled • Knesset committee approves 1% VAT hike. Israel's defense budget will not be cut after all in the 2013 state budget, thanks to an agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Army Radio reported on Thursday. The agreement helped secure the support of Barak's five-person Independence party for the government's austerity package. ...

Shas adds voice to chorus of opposition to PM’s proposed...

... budget cuts The Shas and Independence Parties said Sunday that they oppose proposed budget cuts and tax hikes. By doing so, they joined a wave of criticism of the fiscal initiatives that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz intend to bring before the Cabinet on Monday. Despite the opposition, the economic package is expected to pass the government by a wide majority. Late Sunday, Shas announced it was against the proposed ministry cuts and tax raises for the 2013 budget. By Michal Shmulovich and Philip Podolsky Read more: THE TIMES OF ISRAEL ...

Barak: Next election to be held in a year

Defense Minister releases video on Facebook, Youtube urging voters to support Independence Party The next election is likely to be held a year from now, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a video calling the public to support the Independence Party under his leadership. The clip was released on Youtube and Facebook on Friday. "This is the time to take action," he said, "The Independence Party is the natural choice for anyone who cares about the State of Israel. Its leadership has the courage to make decisions, and the power to implement them. Come and join us." By Attila ...

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