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Imran Khan

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پاکستانی سیاستدان، سیاستدان، مشہور شخصیت، اور سابق کھلاڑی. | A Pakistani politician, statesman, celebrity and former cricketer. The chairman of PTI.
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پر کلک کریں ، اگر آپ عمران خان کی حمایت نہیں کرتے. باتیں کیوں کہتے ہو. | Click, if you do not support Imran Khan. Say why.

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Quick opinions

for31against   he is the only hope for pakistani nation, tariq
for5against   Imran Khan is a man of his words. He never cheat and never disappoint the people of Pak. And we have a lot of hopes on him. Love you Pakistan and Imran with all my Heart and soul., innocenttears
for4against   imran khan is our great leader and he won hearts of pakistani peoples he is visionary man i will voteimran khan, murad
for3against   imran khan you are our leader our hero we are with you me and my all comunity dont worry best of luck inshalah you will prime minister, ahmad_786
for2against   A leader of character with a vision for the betterment of Pakistan and Good relation with its neighbour countries, arman_afridi
for2against   i really hate politics before but just because of imran khan i decided to join PTI and now believe that only Imran khan will save PAKISTAN from these currupt mafia's., Noshad143
for2against   Quaid E Azam Reborn in face of imran khan, badar
for2against   imran khan is our heroo. inqalb a gea hy, bilalsumbal
for2against   He is honest, brave and educated person no doubt on him. Plz give him a vote for betterment of Pakistan because we have tried all other parties but zero result lets try him once., ajvayani
for2against   'imran khan,save pakistan'. u r the only true leader after QUAID. u will do it . we pakis are wating for u to become our true leadeer one day.inshAllah., mona82
for2against   hope of pakistan inshAllah next election is ours PTI zindabad, naveedkhan
for2against   he is visonary man ! he only can bulit new Pakistan ;] GOD BLESS HIM, awais
for2against   Imran khan is our hero.He is the only multi talanted leader in Pakistan.Emran khan is the best option for us.he is a passionate person.And he shows that he wants to do., kanwalmehmood
for2against   Imran you have won people heart. every Pakistani is supporting u and convincing others for your victory. But remember "Do or Die only for Pakistan", kaleem
for2against   I am closely watching his party, campaign, popularity from a citizen's POV. He is doing all without any of his personal interest. HE IS DOING THIS FOR US!!!, AtharAslam
for2against   since I started analyzing our politics, i have judged almost all leaders are bad except from Imran Khan. I can't think of any reason not to vote him!!! I WILL VOTE CAPTAIN IMRAN!, AtharAslam
for2against   The only leader who say pakisan and pakistanies are the best . . No one is better then us . ., R0se
for2against   There is no option left for Pakistan except Pakistan and Pakistanis at this stage. The only leader in Pakistan which bases his politics on principles., faheem
for2against   The only true leader who help PAKISTAN from these corrupt and incompetent leaders. May ALLAH bless him i am as a Pakistani with him, Ammar873

for4against   @bilalkhan..who is mature?Zardari or Shareef?Our Pak is on this stage just because of them if you keep searching for mature politicians then wait for your disaster its not too far., ajvayani
for2against   @mirchmasala1.......ok then tell me who is the winner if Imran Khan is a loser?, ajvayani
for1against   He is too immature. there is famous pashto idiom which fits on IK "Frog climbed a mud stone and started shouting that I saw Kabul. From now he is behaving as he has become PM., bilalkhan04
for1against   imran is just a loser, mirchmasala1
for1against   Imran Khan must justify his claim about the tax returns of Nawaz Sharif after Nawaz Sharif showed his tax returns to media rejecting IK claim. Waiting for the justification, Butt
for1against   Imran Khan is a big Liar. Some times he is ignorant & Sometimes he is biased. He is on an agenda. Imran Khan is Jew agent. Shame on Imran khan, Butt
for1against   He thinks negative, speaks negative, hopeless personality,poor vision about nation. Everything what he has done earlier proved that he was wrong... means poor decision power......., Asad63
for0against   Anari Khelari. Come out of bat and ball u r now a politician. Hope 1st u bring ur sons from jewish grooming and make them muslims/pakistani then u be bothered about pakistan., bilalkhan04

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