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Immigration nach Deutschland

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Immigration nach Deutschland is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo Immigration: offene Grenzen

Immigration: offene Grenzen

Ich bin für die offenen Grenzen. Die Immigranten sind für unser Land kein Problem. Sie helfen unser Lebenstandard erhöhen.
Immigration: geschlossene Grenzen

Immigration: geschlossene Grenzen

Ich bin gegen die offenen Grenzen. Die Immigranten sind für uns großes Problem.

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Online statistics and voting results


for against Total  
Current preference ratio 36% 64% 100%  
Number of votes 483 858 1341
Number of comments 3 4 7
Number of links 4 0 4
Number of pictures 2 1 3
Number of videos 2 2 4
Number of supporters 1 1 2
Number of arguments - - 3


for against
Last voted IP 138.190... IP 47.69...
The most active voter SEPP N/A


Poll added  6 years ago
Poll updated 3 years ago
Last vote 12 days ago
Last opinion 4 years ago
Last link 2 years ago
Last picture 5 years ago
Last video 4 years ago
Last supporter or opponent 3 years ago
Last argument 5 years ago
Updated 2 days ago

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