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Ibrahim Abdulaziz Sahad

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سياسي ليبي. | The Secretary General of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL).
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انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا المرشح. | Click, if you do not support Ibrahim Abdulaziz Sahad. Say why.

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ARA: نبذة عن الأستاذ إبراهيم عبد العزيز صهد • تخرج من الكلية العسكرية الليبية عام 1963 وكان ترتيبه الأول على دفعته. • عمل ضابطا بالجيش الليبي خلال الأعوام 1963 – 1969: مدرسا في مدرسة المخابرة، ورئيسا لجناح التدريب بالمدرسة، وعمل معاونا لآمر منظومة مخابرة الجيش، ثم نقل إلى منظومة الدفاع الجوي وعين ضابط ركن الإسناد الإلكتروني في المنظومة. • خلال عمله بالقوات المسلحة تلقى عدة دورات تدريبية في كل من مدرسة المشاة (المرج/ ليبيا)، ومدرسة ...
for34against   في رأيي ابراهيم عبدالعزيز صهد طيبة جدا سياسيا. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), positive
for32against   أنا لا أوافق. ابراهيم عبدالعزيز صهد هو سوء الاختيار. على سبيل المثال ، بسبب... (إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا ، لقد كتبت هنا), negative
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Conversation with Ibrahim Abdulaziz Sahad and the others

Conversations With Libyan Expats “We are not talking about a civil war between factions, we are talking about a massacre. When the history is written, it will say that we stood by and watched a massacre at the hands of Qaddafi, and we did nothing,” said Ibrahim Sahad, a Libyan expat who sat down with me for an interview in the lobby of an aging community center in Vienna, Virginia, on Wednesday night after delivering a speech about the situation in Libya to group of mostly elderly expats from Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and other parts of the Middle East. The speech ...

Qadhafi ‘has lost the legitimacy to rule’

Pres. Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, yesterday said to the UN that “When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against [his] people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule.” The Obama administration has now taken the position that Muammar Qadhafi can no longer be recognized as leader of Libya, and an interim government should be instituted to oversee a transition to democracy. On Friday, Ban Ki-moon called on the Security Council to take concrete action to stop the violence in Libya. The US has frozen ...

Libyan Opposition Leader: Military Siding with People

A former Libyan army officer and head of a leading opposition group says he knows of growing defections among Libya’s military not just by individuals, but in some cases, entire units. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Sahad is the Secretary-General of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, or NFSL, which was organized in in October 1981 by a group of former military officers, diplomats and businessmen with one goal - to end the regime of Colonel Moammar Gadhafi. He spoke to VOA’s Cecily Hilleary from his base in the United States. Cecily Hilleary Read or hear the interview: ...

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