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The U.S. Representative for California's 30th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1975.
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ENG: Henry Arnold Waxman (born September 12, 1939) is the U.S. Representative for California's 30th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1975. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He is considered to be one of the most influential liberal members of Congress. His district includes much of the western part of the city of Los Angeles, as well as West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and used to be the 29th District before the post-2000 census redistricting. Before his election to Congress, he served six years in the California State Assembly. With the Democrats' victory in the 2006 midterm elections, Waxman became chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the principal investigative committee of the House. He was the committee's ranking ...
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Waxman: Obama’s smog retreat is a mistake

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said Thursday that President Obama’s decision to scuttle upcoming ozone pollution standards was a mistake “substantively and politically.”“It was very discouraging to their environmental base, they didn’t really have a good rationale for it,"Waxman told The Hill's E2 in the Capitol."It just seemed that they were just bowing to a lot of pressure, and I don’t think that’s the way they ought to be,” Waxman is the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee and a key ally of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ...

Waxman Calls Out Obama For Not Explaining ...

Participating in the progressive “filibreather” against the FY 2012 Interior and Environmental Agencies Appropriations Act (HR 2584), Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) criticized its anti-climate provisions. Waxman attacked the Republican leadership for passing legislation earlier this year to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency finding that climate pollution threatens public health. He also called out the Obama administration and the national news media for failing to explain the scientific threat of global warming and extreme weather, since it is something his “colleagues ...

Waxman calls for national climate-change-education push

The top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday urged Energy Secretary Steven Chu to launch a national climate-change-education campaign. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), in a letter to Chu, said the public’s understanding of climate change is “diminishing” in part because there are “powerful vested interests in the oil and coal industries successfully fanning disbelief.” “I ask you to investigate the disconnect that appears to be growing between the scientific and the public understanding of climate change,” Waxman said. ...

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Rep. Waxman with Foreign Leaders
1. Abba Eban of Israel, Rep. Henry Waxman - 1974 2. Anwar Sadat (left) with Rep. Waxman: 3. Anwar Sadat, Rep. Tip O'Neill, Rep. Henry Waxman: 4. Benjamin Netanyahu (center) with Rep. Waxman (left): 5. Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with Rep. Waxman - May 24, 2011: 6. Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with Rep. Waxman: 7. Benjamin Netanyahu with Rep. Waxman and Sen. Carl Levin - May 19, 2009                     13. Benjamin Netanyahu and Members of Congress: 14. Chairman Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization (center) with Rep. Waxman (left): 15. Egyptian President Mubarak (right) shaking hands with Rep. Waxman, 1985: 17. Fon Min Allon, Rep. Henry Waxman, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Malcolm Toon - Beit Bessarabia, Tel Aviv - November 12, 1976: 19. Former Israeli Consul to Northern California, Rep. Henry Waxman: 20. General Mordechai Gur of Israel, Janet Waxman, Rep. Henry Waxman - Reception at Prime Ministers Residence - Jerusalem - November 1
The Orphan Drug Act
1. Jack Klugman, Rep. Henry Waxman: 2. Jack Klugman testifying at Health and Environment Committee Hearing on Orphan Drugs - March 9, 1981: 3. Jack Klugman, Rep. Henry Waxman, Adam Seligman - Orphan Drug Act Press Conference - 1983: 5. Jack Klugman, Rep. Henry Waxman - Orphan Drug Act Press Conference - 1983: 8. Orphan Drug Act Press Conference - 1983: 9. Rep. Henry Waxman with advocates of the Orphan Drug Act: 10. Rep. Henry Waxman, unknown, Jack Klugman, Adam Seligman - Orphan Drug Act Press Conference - 1983:
Rep. Waxman at Press and Speaking Events
Rep. Waxman speaking at the #ForwardOnClimate rally in Los Angeles - February 17, 2013: Dean of UCLA Law Rachel Moran with Rep. Henry Waxman - UCLA School of Law - November 22, 2010: Healthcare discussion in Calabasas: July 4, 2013: Mary Anne Schultz, R.N., Rep. Henry Waxman, Dr. Bonnie Faherty, R.N. - National Leadership Committee for Health Care Reform Press Conference - UCLA - May 1994: Members of Congress at a press conference on the Capitol lawn: Memorial Day 2013 - Walk for Warriors: Press conference with Rep. Claude Pepper (left), Rep. John Dingell, Rep. Edward Roybal, Rep. Waxman, Rep. Marty Russo and Speaker Jim Wright: Press conference with Speaker Jim Wright and other congressional leaders: Rep. Henry Waxman - 2000: Rep. Henry Waxman - 2007: Rep. Henry Waxman - Climate Crisis Action Day - March 20, 2007: Rep. Henry Waxman - Greater Los Angeles Press Club - September 1980: Rep. Henry Waxman - Kaiser Permanente: Rep. Henry Waxman - Meet The
Rep. Henry Waxman at Congressional Hearings
1. Rep. Toby Moffett, Rep. Henry Waxman - ATT Telephone Wiretap Hearings - July 1976: 2. Health Subcommittee Holds Hearings on Anti-Saccharine Ban: 3. Hearing on the Santa Monica Bay: 4. Jack Klugman (testifying), Rep. Henry Waxman - Health and Environment Subcommittee Hearing on Orphan Drugs: 5. Oversight Committee Holds TRIS Hearings: 7. Rep. Andrew McGuire, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. James Florio, Rep. Paul Rodgers - Subcommittee Hearings on Swine Flu: 8. Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Harold Ford, Sr.: 9. Rep. Henry Waxman - Swine Flu Hearings: 10. Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. James Florio, Rep. Paul Rodgers - Subcommittee Hearings on Swine Flu 12. Rep. Henry Waxman Testifies on Forced Retirement before Rep. Claude Pepper and the Select Committee on Aging - March 1977: 14. Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Ted Weiss - Testifying: 15. Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Torbert Macdonald - 1975: 16. Rep. James Florio, Rep. Bill Hefner, Rep. Henry Waxman: 17. Rep. James San

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