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Henry Paulson

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Was the 74th United States Secretary of the Treasury (2006 - 2009).
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Final act in Wolfowitz drama, WB Panel releases report
The ad hoc World Bank panel has criticized Wolfowitz for violating the ‘Code of Conduct and Staff Rules,’ and has rejected the arguments that he had earlier submitted in his defense. The panel appointed by the World Bank, to look into the charges leveled against World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, submitted its second report on [...]

US Treasury chief says narrowing tax gap is unrealistic
US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has recently told Senators that considerably lessening the tax gap between federal taxes owed and taxes paid may not be possible ‘without adding draconian and painful requirements on all taxpayers,’ most of whom pay their taxes in full. However, he also said that the administration is unlikely to recommend plans [...]

Paulson urges China to Speed up capital market cooperation and reforms
The U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has said China risks wasting trillions of dollars in resources and lost economic potential unless it rapidly opens its capital markets. He further said in a speech delivered in Shanghai that China should open its financial sector further to foreign competition to help it become more than an exporter [...]

US Treasury Secretary Paulson says global economy is strong
When it comes to global finance, United States not only dominates the global markets but other countries are equally eager to listen what Bush administration has to say on the issue. Struggling with sluggish growth rate and mounting inflation threat at home the bush administration has appointed Henry Paulson as its top financial diplomat to [...]

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