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Health care system

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photo Health care: single-payer

Health care: single-payer

I support single-payer health care (private model - US model).
Health care publicly-funded

Health care publicly-funded

I support publicly-funded health care controlled directly by the government or by an agency of the government for the benefit of the entire population.

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Graph online : Health care system
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Wise as Serpents but Harmless as Doves
The Obama administration’s new birth control rules are generous and strategically smart, but some opponents still aren’t happy.

Social Security Disability Insurance
Social Security Disability Insurance has been a core pillar of our nation’s Social Security system for nearly six decades, offering critical protection when Americans need it most.

The Un-intended Consequences of HIMSS Volunteer Involvement
Recently, I was preparing to moderate a HIMSS virtual briefing, as I typically do, and I was chatting with the speaker.  I thanked her for sharing her time, talent, and expertise with our audience. She thanked me for allowing her … Continue reading →

Out of Range
Women’s presence and roles in the military have greatly increased over the past few decades, but the military is falling far short of its obligation to provide servicewomen with adequate reproductive and sexual health care.

The Middle-Class Squeeze
America's middle class is being squeezed by stagnant—and in many cases declining—incomes and rising costs. To address the middle-class squeeze, we need to enact policies that will both increase incomes and also address rising child care, higher education, health care, housing, and retirement costs.

Health IT Is Only a Portion of the Solution – Addressing Human Factors Are Key  
Many headlines appeared today citing the failure of health information technology in relation to a patient with Ebola being released from a US hospital. Electronic-Record Gap Allowed Ebola Patient to Leave Hospital - Bloomberg News EHR flaw at core of … Continue reading →

Flip the Visit – Patient in Charge!
by Sri Bharadwaj Sri is a Board member of HIMSS Southern California and consults with healthcare organizations across the nation. The healthcare landscape is being changed by the technology-enabled connected patient. Wearables, remote monitoring devices and self-radiology is swapping the … Continue reading →

Successful EHR Implementation—Big Bang vs Phased Approach
By Cynthia Davis, MHSA, RH, and Marcy Stoots, MS, RN-BC Part of the impetus in establishing large integrated health systems is to develop a coordinated approach to provide patient care efficiently and effectively with the patient as the center of … Continue reading →

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