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Health care system

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photo Health care: single-payer

Health care: single-payer

I support single-payer health care (private model - US model).
Health care publicly-funded

Health care publicly-funded

I support publicly-funded health care controlled directly by the government or by an agency of the government for the benefit of the entire population.

Online election results for "Health care: single-payer" in graph.

Graph online : Health care system
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A Means to Closing the Talent Gap
Apprenticeships.  The mere mention of this word may raise images of trades like plumbing or electricians. While these occupations are important, my post looks at a different category of such learning opportunities – Federally Registered Apprenticeship Programs. The U.S. Department of … Continue reading →

Infographic: How Many Women Are Benefiting from the Affordable Care Act?
This infographic is a compilation of data from multiple sources to highlight how women are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act. It will be updated at least monthly to reflect the most recent data available.

Caring for Those Who Serve: Key Facts About the Veterans Affairs’ Health System in the Wake of the Waitlist Allegations
The allegations of long wait times and secret waiting lists at the Phoenix VA hospital is a serious concern and must be addressed immediately. But we must also not lose sight of the VA system’s successes, as well as its steady improvement in recent years.

Hospital Visitation and Medical Decision Making for Same-Sex Couples
We must take action to ensure that regulations giving same-sex couples and domestic partners visitation and medical decision-making rights are respected and enforced.

Putting 2015 Health Care Premium Rates into Context
Contrary to conservative arguments, premium rates in the individual marketplace are not expected to increase significantly under the Affordable Care Act next year.

ATTENTION Soldier, Airman, Marine!
Uncle Sam called you to serve and America thanks you!  Now that you’ve served your country with honor and distinction, what’s the plan for your future?  Many of you will soon be transitioning from military service to the civilian workforce … Continue reading →

Are You an Early Adopter? I’m Not.
I’m not an early adopter. Not of trends, and not of technology. It was my husband who when we were dating insisted I upgrade from dial-up to broadband, despite my protestations that I didn’t need such an expensive enhancement. It’s … Continue reading →

Thought Leadership-The Patient Perspective
by Pete Rivera,  HIMSS Ambulatory IS Committee, and Consulting Manager, Hayes Management  As we straddle the fence between manual processes and the use of technology, the process of walking into a typical doctor’s office today is the same as it … Continue reading →

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