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Health care system

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photo Health care: single-payer

Health care: single-payer

I support single-payer health care (private model - US model).
Health care publicly-funded

Health care publicly-funded

I support publicly-funded health care controlled directly by the government or by an agency of the government for the benefit of the entire population.

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Graph online : Health care system
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Re-Establishing Religious Liberty Post-Hobby Lobby
Federal and state lawmakers must ensure that religious liberty is not used as a force to discriminate or impose costs on others.

Efficient Interactions Part I
by Philip Bernard, Director of Physician I.T. Services, University of Kentucky Efficient Interactions. HIMSS defines this concept as one of the core components of EHR Usability. In the 2009 white paper on defining and testing EMR usability, the HIMSS EHR … Continue reading →

Efficient Interactions Part II
By Philip Bernard, Director of Physician I.T. Services, University of Kentucky In my first blog, I explored factors contributing to user dissatisfaction with their EHR. In today’s blog I’ll address how developers can overcome resource limitation and time constraints to … Continue reading →

Out of Range
Women’s presence and roles in the military have greatly increased over the past few decades, but the military is falling far short of its obligation to provide servicewomen with adequate reproductive and sexual health care.

Clinical Decision Support-Meaningful Use and Improved Outcomes
An oft heard statement associated with health IT is “the correct use of clinical decision support tools is a key enabler for quality improvement.” The implementation of clinical decision support interventions related to clinical quality measures is a key Meaningful … Continue reading →

Social Security Disability Insurance
Social Security Disability Insurance has been a core pillar of our nation’s Social Security system for nearly six decades, offering critical protection when Americans need it most.

Caring for Those Who Serve: Key Facts About the Veterans Affairs’ Health System in the Wake of the Waitlist Allegations
The allegations of long wait times and secret waiting lists at the Phoenix VA hospital is a serious concern and must be addressed immediately. But we must also not lose sight of the VA system’s successes, as well as its steady improvement in recent years.

You Can’t Outrun a Volcano
We all have our morning routines. Take a shower, make the coffee, wake the kids, walk the dogs. For my wife and me, our morning routine includes eating breakfast and reading the news on our tablets while the one and … Continue reading →

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