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Harry Jenkins

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An Australian politician. A member of the Australian Parliament for Scullin since 1986.
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ENG: Henry Alfred "Harry" Jenkins (born 18 August 1952), an Australian politician, is a member of the House of Representatives, representing the Division of Scullin, Victoria, since the 1986 by-election for the Australian Labor Party. He is the longest-serving Labor member of the House of Representatives and the second longest-serving member after Philip Ruddock. Jenkins served as the 26th Speaker of the House of Representatives, from 2008 until his unexpected resignation as Speaker on 24 November 2011. Political career He was elected by Labor caucus on 29 November 2007 to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 42nd Parliament. This was carried by a formal vote on 12 February 2008. He succeeded Liberal incumbent David Hawker. Although Speakers normally carry ...
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Harry Jenkins exits as Peter Slipper steps up as Speaker

The dramatic installation of Peter Slipper as Speaker capped an extraordinary parliamentary year. Julia Gillard is in Melbourne. The press office is being tight-lipped about the Prime Minister's schedule today. On Sunday night Ms Gillard will induct Kylie Minogue into the ARIA hall of fame. Tony Abbott is in Sydney. He spoke to Channel Nine's Today show and 2GB's Alan Jones this morning, and he'll be blogging for the Daily Telegraph later today. Mr Abbott zeroed in on the elevation of Peter Slipper as speaker this morning, saying: "He's not my man, he's the prime minster's man now and ...

We’re wild (drunk) about Harry

Speaker of the House of Representatives Harry Jenkins delivered a stirring speech to the bright eyed new members of parliament this morning. And what words of wisdom did he impart to the likes of Adam Bandt, Andrew Wilkie, John Alexander and other first-time MPs feeling their way around those hallowed halls for the first time? ¨ He cited Chumbawamba. He got knocked down, Harry, but he got up again. “You nay ever gonna keep me down,” as those British one-hit-wonders sang. A song to work by, Harry told the new kids… Let us take a moment to contemplate the prose ...

Speaker Harry Jenkins fronts Julia Gillard at cafe

IF you want to know who Julia Gillard is backing as the next Speaker of Australia's hung Parliament you're not alone. The current Speaker Harry Jenkins wants to know too and today he buttonholed the PM for a quiet word at Parliament's coffee shop to find out what's going on. The popular Labor MP remains jovial but issued a “no comment” to his discussions with Ms Gillard - or whether he had been informed whether the ALP would back him for the $238,000-a-year job. She was sitting at a table next to him and attempted to make a getaway without speaking to Mr Jenkins before he ...

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