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The U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 4th congressional district, serving since 2005.
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Both Praise & Disrespect Greets AG Eric Holder’s Resignation
Attorney General Eric Holder made his resignation official yesterday at an emotional press conference in which he thanked his family for their support and expressed gratitude for having had the chance to serve under President Obama. Now the task of choosing a new AG begins. And with the bottomless partisanship in Washington, it will be contentious.Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation were saddened by the news, but also concerned about what it could mean for the civil rights work that Holder had been so active in.“He’s been a real asset to this fight for people who didn’t necessarily get a fair chance in this justice system,” Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.) told The Root. In a statement we received from Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore, she says, “The resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder is a great loss for our country. As one of the Obama Administration’s leading progressive voices, Attorney General Holder led the charge in support of same-sex marria

Moore Applauds Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage
"For the people of the great state of Wisconsin, our diversity is a source of strength. My constituents...

Moore Hails Supreme Court Ruling Blocking Voter ID Law
"This decision by the Supreme Court is one that should be celebrated by everyone, regardless of political...

Moore to Government Accountability Board: Don't Forget 11,000 Absentee Voters
"From a lack of access to dependable transportation and matters of convenience to those with serious...

New poll’s shocking findings on race and police
A new poll on the public view of police says most Americans don’t believe police treat races equally. Rev. Al Sharpton has Dr. Cedric Alexander and Rep. Gwen Moore on to discuss the study’s findings.

John Nichols: Gwen Moore's right: Delay voter ID
Congresswoman Gwen Moore has no fear of Scott Walker. She beat the governor in his first campaign — for the state Legislature in 1990.But Moore does fear the confusion and potential voter disenfranchisement that could result from a haphazard and ill-planned implementation of the state’s voter ID law.That is why she has called on the Government Accountability Board to wait until after the November election to begin implementing the controversial rules requiring an approved photo ID in order to vote. Moore is right to propose the delay.The voter ID law that was enacted by Republican legislators and signed by Walker was blocked by Federal Judge Lynn Adelman, who sits in Milwaukee, because it discriminates disproportionately against seniors, students and people of color. Adelman’s ruling, which was hailed by legal experts from across the country, should have settled it.

Obama arrives in Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE -  President Barack Obama has arrived in Milwaukee, where he was greeted at the airport by Gov. Scott Walker and others.A pool report says Obama landed Monday at 1 p.m. He greeted the governor, who's a Republican, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat. He also hugged Democratic U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore.Obama is speaking at LaborFest 2014, at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee. The event is open to ticketed guests and reporters.This is the second time the president has addressed union members at LaborFest. He also attended the event in 2010.He greeted the crowd with, "It's great to be back in Milwaukee!"

Pocan, Moore Seek Detailed Explanation for Governor's Drug-Testing Proposal
"Drug testing as a condition of eligibility for critical, life-saving social services is a gross insult...

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