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The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) is a political party in England and Wales. | Plaid Werdd Cymru a Lloegr

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Click, if you do not support Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW). Say why. / Cliceáil, más rud é nach bhfuil tú ag tacú leis an iarrthóir. Abair cén fáth.

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ENG: The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) (Welsh: Plaid Werdd Cymru a Lloegr) is a political party in England and Wales. It is the largest Green party in the United Kingdom, containing within it various regional divisions including the semi-autonomous Wales Green Party. The party currently has one Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, Caroline Lucas, who represents the constituency of Brighton Pavilion after winning her seat in the 2010 general election and was the party's first leader, serving from 2008 until 2012, when she was succeeded by Natalie Bennett. They also have one life peer (Jenny Jones), two MEPs in the European Parliament and two members of the London Assembly, as well as 141 councillors in various local councils across England and Wales. The Green Party ...
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Greens introduce Tax and Financial Transparency Bill in the

A new Tax and Financial Transparency Bill has been tabled in the House of Commons to tackle the UK's billion-pound tax evasion scandal.The move was initiated on 17 March 2011 by Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, and MP for Brighton Pavilion.Lucas launched the Bill after posing a number of Parliamentary Questions to the Chancellor, in which she exposed the fact that HMRC is failing to prevent serious tax evasion which could amount to as much as £16 billion of lost tax.A report published this week by Tax Research UK reveals that around 500,000 companies ...

Caroline Lucas, Green Member of Parliament in England, ...

...delivers her first speech to her peers Caroline Lucas delivers maiden speech to Parliament Mr Speaker, I am most grateful to you for calling me during today’s debate. The environment is a subject dear to my heart, as I’m sure you know, and I’ll return to it in a moment. I think anyone would find their first speech in this chamber daunting, given its history and traditions, and the many momentous events it has witnessed. But I have an additional responsibility, which is to speak not only as the new Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion, but also as the first ...

Caroline Lucas: Social justice and the Green new deal

Earlier this month Caroline Lucas made history by becoming the Green Party’s first Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK House of Commons. Lucas represents the constituency of Brighton Pavilion, on the south coast of England. She is also the head of the Green Party of England and Wales and was a Member of the European Parliament, representing South East England, from 1999-2010. Saturday’s Guardian features an interview and profile of the groundbreaking British politician, her activist background, UK Green Party policies and her impressions of the House of Commons vs. the European ...

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General Election 2015: Green Party polling at 8%
THE Green Party is polling at 8% ahead of the General Election in Ipsos MORI’s monthly political monitor for the London Evening Standard (1). The polling has the Greens neck-and-neck with the Liberal Democrats (also on 8%) for the fourth spot. The Green Party outperformed the Liberal Democrats, Coalition partners, at the May 22 European Elections in terms of both MEPs returned and total vote (2). Responding to the latest upbeat General Election polling, Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said: “The fact that the Green Party are consistently polling at or above the 7% mark ahead of the General Election goes to show that our people over profits message is really hitting home. “It is the our policies such as making the minimum wage a living wage, renationalising our railways and having a publicly owned and run NHS which are both encouraging people to join as members and vote Green at the polling booth.  “While the other parties concentrate their efforts on the image
Green Party calls for an immediate end of the Israeli attack on Gaza
  The Green Party has today called for an immediate end of the Israeli attack on Gaza, and for the British government to apply all possible pressure to achieve that end. Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said: “With the death toll in Gaza soaring past 250, with many of them civilians, including many children, we need strong international pressure to stop this violence. “Israel’s actions extend very far beyond any reasonable response to the Hamas rocket attacks. “Killing hundreds of innocent civilians will worsen Israel’s security, not strengthen it. “An immediate ceasefire is essential, and it must be responsibility of all states and political actors in the region to stop this cycle of outbreaks of conflict.” Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has previously written to the Foreign Secretary to urge him to step up action to secure an end to the latest escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, and to oppose any attempt by the Israel military to launch a grou
Greens introduce candidate tipped to take Bristol West in 2015
  The Green Party have today announced that Darren Hall has been selected to stand for Bristol West in the 2015 parliamentary election. The Greens have a 2% lead in the constituency based on recent local election results and are tipped to take the seat next year. Natalie Bennett the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales is in Bristol today to offer her support: "Darren Hall is a fantastic candidate and has already been an advocate for Bristol on an international stage," said Ms Bennett. "The Green Party has majority support here in Bristol West based on recent local election results. If people in each neighbourhood vote the same way they voted in their last local election, Bristol West will have a Green MP by May next year. This is great news for the city." Darren Hall, is a company director and former manager of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership where he project managed the team that won the European Green Capital Award 2015 for Bristol. Darren has previously worked
Green MEP uses Any Questions appearance to stand up for women and defend Unions
  Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, used her debut appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions show to draw attention to the way government policies are hurting women and to defend Trade Unions. Dr Scott Cato is the first MEP to appear on the flagship panel discussion programme since the European elections in May.   Responding to a question about David Cameron’s reshuffle, Molly described the increase in the number of women in the cabinet as long overdue, but tokenistic.   “The real problem here is how government policies are affecting women. Austerity politics and the cuts to services on which women rely are affecting women much more seriously than men. I would suggest to David Cameron that if he really wants to win women’s votes that’s the place to look and not some window dressing in the cabinet”, said Dr Scott Cato.   She pointed out that the Green Party has more women in senior positions than men and has only ever had women leaders. “This is be

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