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The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) is a political party in England and Wales. | Plaid Werdd Cymru a Lloegr

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ENG: The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) (Welsh: Plaid Werdd Cymru a Lloegr) is a political party in England and Wales. It is the largest Green party in the United Kingdom, containing within it various regional divisions including the semi-autonomous Wales Green Party. The party currently has one Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, Caroline Lucas, who represents the constituency of Brighton Pavilion after winning her seat in the 2010 general election and was the party's first leader, serving from 2008 until 2012, when she was succeeded by Natalie Bennett. They also have one life peer (Jenny Jones), two MEPs in the European Parliament and two members of the London Assembly, as well as 141 councillors in various local councils across England and Wales. The Green Party ...
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Greens introduce Tax and Financial Transparency Bill in the

A new Tax and Financial Transparency Bill has been tabled in the House of Commons to tackle the UK's billion-pound tax evasion scandal.The move was initiated on 17 March 2011 by Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, and MP for Brighton Pavilion.Lucas launched the Bill after posing a number of Parliamentary Questions to the Chancellor, in which she exposed the fact that HMRC is failing to prevent serious tax evasion which could amount to as much as £16 billion of lost tax.A report published this week by Tax Research UK reveals that around 500,000 companies ...

Caroline Lucas, Green Member of Parliament in England, ...

...delivers her first speech to her peers Caroline Lucas delivers maiden speech to Parliament Mr Speaker, I am most grateful to you for calling me during today’s debate. The environment is a subject dear to my heart, as I’m sure you know, and I’ll return to it in a moment. I think anyone would find their first speech in this chamber daunting, given its history and traditions, and the many momentous events it has witnessed. But I have an additional responsibility, which is to speak not only as the new Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion, but also as the first ...

Caroline Lucas: Social justice and the Green new deal

Earlier this month Caroline Lucas made history by becoming the Green Party’s first Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK House of Commons. Lucas represents the constituency of Brighton Pavilion, on the south coast of England. She is also the head of the Green Party of England and Wales and was a Member of the European Parliament, representing South East England, from 1999-2010. Saturday’s Guardian features an interview and profile of the groundbreaking British politician, her activist background, UK Green Party policies and her impressions of the House of Commons vs. the European ...

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Caroline Lucas MP's speech to the Green Party Autumn Party Conference (FULL TEXT)
CONFERENCE, welcome to Birmingham.   We meet in exciting times.  Over 1.2 million people voted Green in the European elections – meaning we not only held our seats in London and the South East, but also won a new seat in the South West.  Huge congratulations to our newest MEP, Molly Scott Cato.   Congratulations are due closer to home as well.  Here in the West Midlands, the Greens have achieved some brilliant successes, with 25 Green councillors sitting on 10 councils in the region, and where we now form the official opposition in Solihull.   With approaching record party membership, and an increasing number of polls showing us neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats, we have everything to play for.   Conference, it is a huge pleasure and privilege, as always, to have an opportunity to say a few words.   And such a contrast to my duties speaking in Parliament.   It’s not just the audience that's different.   Though I’m assuming George Osborne isn’t here
Molly Scott Cato accuses Chancellor of 'shameless partisanship' in favour of high finance
To coincide with the next round of George Osborne's legal challenge to EU controls on the worst excesses of the City bonus culture, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England and a member of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, has launched a stinging attack on the UK Chancellor. “In the wake of the most serious banking crisis for a century it is of deep concern to see the Chancellor resisting democratically agreed and entirely common-sense proposals to make banking less risky and to challenge the culture of excessive pay in Europe's financial services sector. The special treatment that Osborne has shown to the wealthy in general and financiers in particular is becoming almost legendary but this puts us all of risk of further financial instability and risk-taking for which we will be asked to pick up the tab.” The Green Party has long been critical of the moral hazard represented by the payment of large bonuses, which reward risk-taking by ba
Green Party pledge to introduce a Nature and Wellbeing Act
  At its national conference in Birmingham the Green Party gave its firm commitment to push for the introduction of a Nature and Wellbeing Act. A motion was passed with overwhelming support in response to the calls from the RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts. The Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, chaired a conferenc session entitled "The Laws of Nature - what's the best way to protect bees, badgers and buzzards?' where the Bill was discussed. The panel also looked at the importance of children learning about nature and how schools play an essential role in helping them reconnect with the natural world. Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was on the panel and expressed her strong support for the Act saying: "The crisis of nature is a crisis for people and our economy too, because the natural environment is the foundation of our life support systems and livelihoods. That's why we need a lot more honesty and a lot more radicalism when it comes to the role of the state in improving the state of
Green Party backs restrictions on media ownership and support for local independent media
  Green Party conference today supported a call for far tighter restrictions on the concentration of print and broadcast media ownership. It also supported a call for funding for small-scale, local independent media organisation. Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, who moved the motion, which was given top priority by members in a national ballot that decided the order of motions at conference, said: “Concentration of media ownership is a considerable barrier to full democratic debate and participation in Britain. “Plurality of voices is vital to democracy, and that very clearly is not what we have now, with 70% of the newspaper market controlled by three companies, and Rupert Murdoch’s News UK holing a third of the entire market share. “This was the critical area that Leveson left untouched, and that we simply need to tackle. I understand that other political leaders are fearful of the power of the media and press barons, but I call on them to join me in a collective fr

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