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The Green Party of Canada | Le Parti vert du Canada est un parti politique fédéral au Canada.
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ENG: The Green Party of Canada (French: Parti vert du Canada) is a Canadian federal political party founded in 1983 with 10,000–12,000 registered members as of October 2008. The Greens advance a broad multi-issue political platform that reflects its core values of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence. It has been led by Elizabeth May since August 26, 2006. The party broke 1% of the popular vote in the 2004 federal election, when it received 4.3% and qualified for federal funding. Its support has ranged between 3.1% and 14% since the 2006 federal election. In the 2008 federal election, the Green Party of Canada was invited to the debates for the first timeand achieved a high mark of 6.8% of the popular vote. With just under a million votes, it ...
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Green Party wins first Vancouver seat

The Green Party won its first ever Vancouver city council seat in Saturday's municipal election. Adriane Carr narrowly won the city's 10th council seat, beating out Coalition of Progressive Electors candidate Ellen Woodsworth by just 91 votes. "It was a close race and I am very excited that voters across the spectrum are behind me. I plan to be a champion for sustainable neighbourhoods and a voice to hold council accountable to the citizens of Vancouver," said Carr. "This was certainly a team effort where getting out every single vote made the difference. I thank the many wonderful people ...

New Green man makes bold predictions

The Green Party of Canada has a new face in the federal Portage-Lisgar riding. Matthew Friesen, 29, of Miami, has taken over the Green Party banner from Charlie Howatt. This is the first foray into political life for Friesen, who has lived in various places throughout the riding his whole life and has lived in Miami for the past four years. His reasons for wandering into the political fray are simple enough. "I think, frankly, I can do a better job than our current leadership," he stated. And while Friesen said it would take a while for the Green Party to gain ground in the riding, he ...

Hockey player Georges Laraque joins Green Party of Canada

Longtime NHL enforcer Georges Laraque getting involved with Green party MONTREAL- Hockey tough guy Georges Laraque has a history of pummelling opponents until they're black and blue. Now the longtime NHL enforcer is going Green. Newly released by the Montreal Canadiens, the longtime hockey scrapper is now putting his efforts in service of the Green Party of Canada. Laraque will announce his plans to get involved with the environmental party at an event in Montreal on Saturday. A Green party official said he would not be announcing plans Saturday to run for the party in an election, but ...

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Green Party amendments strengthening ‘polluter pay’ principle pass in committee
(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, successfully amended Bill C-46, the Pipeline Safety Act, to strengthen protections for taxpayers and First Nations in the event of a pipeline spill. “I am thrilled that the Conservative members of the Natural Resources Committee chose to recognize the need to strengthen the polluter pay principle in Bill C-46. My amendments corrected what I saw as major weaknesses of the bill: that much of the recovery of funds from polluters is discretionary and that First Nations Peoples are not adequately included.” May said.  The Natural Resources Committee voted to pass two Green Party amendments. The first amendment enables Aboriginal governing bodies to be reimbursed for actions they take in relation to a spill. The second amendment mandates that the National Energy Board recover costs paid out from government funds to deal with a pipeline spill to compensate those affected.
Green Party Statement on Armenian Genocide Memorial Day
(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, issued the following statement on Armenian Genocide Memorial Day. “Today, I join the Armenian community in mourning the terrible tragedies of 1915. “As one of the first in modern history, the Armenian genocide is the beginning of humanity’s descent into the unspeakable horrors that stained the 20th century. “That so much of the world still does not recognize the nature of this crime against humanity has left the Armenian community with scars that time cannot heal. “I am proud that Canada has called the Armenian genocide by its name, and unreservedly support those who would condemn this atrocity. “My hope for this 100th anniversary is that Turkey and the international community will finally recognize the tragedy that occurred and give the Armenian community the strength to heal.” -30-  For additional information or to arrange an interview, contact: Language English
Green Party Statement on Earth Day
(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, issued the following statement on Earth Day. “Today, people around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day. We are reminded that the defense of our environment is interconnected with many other goals – improving the health of Canadians, creating jobs, and increasing economic stability.  “I remember helping to organize the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. At that time, I worked to raise awareness regarding environmental issues, including the impacts of DDT, phosphates, and acid rain on our ecosystem.  “Today, as we face the growing threat of climate change, I am hopeful we can still take action to mitigate its impacts.  Let us face this challenge together, and leave a better world for future generations.” Language English
2015 budget holds few surprises; a litany of lost opportunities
(OTTAWA) - Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s first and last budget represents a hodge-podge of election promises, rather than a coherent, prudent plan for Canada’s future economic and social health. “It all comes down to priorities,” noted Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands. “The Harper administration is set to spend more money on the celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday than on the crisis of First Nations education. It is remarkable that in a budget tabled seven months before the negotiation deadline for a comprehensive climate treaty, the words ‘climate change’ are nowhere even mentioned.  Language English

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