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Grant Stinchfield

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Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 24th Congressional District of Texas.
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ENG: Grant Stinchfield is a 2012 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 24th Congressional District of Texas. Elections 2012 Stinchfield is running in the 2012 election for the U.S. House, representing Texas' 24th District. He is seeking the nomination on the Republican ticket. Incumbent Kenny Marchant is running on the Republican ticket. The primary takes place on March 6, 2012. If Stinchfield wins the primary, the general election will take place on November 6, 2012. About Grant Stinchfield Family Man There is nothing more important to me then my family. I am married to the love of my life, Amy Vanderoef and we are the proud parents of our two year old son Wyatt. With all of us together, “Life is good.” Investigative Watch Dog I spent ...
for14against   Go Grant! We need you in Washington!, spanthegeorge
for1against   Grant is an honest man who will work for the people. He is not a career politician who only wants to make himself richer., ninjaturtlesin
for0against   Stinchfield has no experience or track record of Republican activism., tom.
for0against   Grant Stinchfield doesn't live in District 24., winston
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Town Halls – Stinchfield 2 Marchant 0

The wind rain and cold weather did not stop District 24 Voters from coming out to attend my second Stinchfield for Congress Town Hall meeting. I was honored so many people showed up to ask terrific questions at the Spring Creek BBQ in Irving. Being connected to the voters is where Congressman Kenny Marchant and I disagree. I believe we have an obligation to meet face to face with constituents in Town Hall settings. Marchant does not. Even at the height of the budget crisis Marchant refused to hold a Town Hall meeting. Now, after he broke his promise to Tea Party members that he would not ...

Special Report – Stinchfield Campaign’s Use of Social Media

My campaign’s use of social media was featured on the CW33 News. Social media provides a level of connection that politics has never seen before, and I am excited that my campaign was featured in this report. Watch video: Grant Stinchfield (February 8, 2012)

CT's Stinchfield Headed To Congress?

Grant Stinchfield, a former reporter at WVIT Channel 30 before moving on KXAS in Dallas several years ago, is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stinchfield, a Republican, is married to Amy Vanderoef who has her own Connecticut connections. Vanderoef, who is a morning anchor on WFAA in Texas, is a graduate of Bristol Eastern High School and is a former Miss Connecticut. By MaryEllen Fillo Read: courant.com (August 16, 2011)

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