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photo Globalization support

Globalization support

The process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global ones, beneficial spread of liberty and capitalism.
Globalization sceptic

Globalization sceptic

Opposition to the beneficial aspects of globalization.

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Time IP adress Vote
4 months ago188.32.65.217[+] for
4 months ago71.191.43.138[+] for
8 months ago188.32.65.217[+] for
4 years ago98.30.182.209against [-]
5 years ago64.134.68.189against [-]
5 years ago71.255.177.238against [-]
5 years ago71.255.177.238against [-]
5 years ago159.118.213.144[+] for
5 years ago72.84.140.192against [-]
6 years ago89.164.179.253against [-]
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