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Global financial crisis

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Global financial crisis is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo Financial Crisis - alarmist

Financial Crisis - alarmist

The global financial crisis spreads worldwide in the serious economic downturn. Politicians do not control it enough.
Financial Crisis - sceptic

Financial Crisis - sceptic

Financial crisis does not exist nor does need further politician’s involvement.

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Graph online : Global financial crisis
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Time IP adress Vote
1 year ago176.195.217.144[+] for
1 year ago213.133.214.2[+] for
1 year ago213.133.214.2[+] for
1 year ago112.135.3.102[+] for
1 year ago195.24.206.126[+] for
1 year ago70.114.129.210[+] for
1 year ago178.13.29.63[+] for
1 year ago74.243.185.218[+] for
1 year ago123.30.96.142against [-]
2 years ago203.171.223.101[+] for
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