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Global financial crisis

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photo Financial Crisis - alarmist

Financial Crisis - alarmist

The global financial crisis spreads worldwide in the serious economic downturn. Politicians do not control it enough.
Financial Crisis - sceptic

Financial Crisis - sceptic

Financial crisis does not exist nor does need further politician’s involvement.

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Graph online : Global financial crisis
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The financial shock that erupted in August 2007, as the US sub-prime mortgage market was derailed by the reversal of the housing boom, has spread quickly and unpredictably to inflict extensive damage on markets and institutions at the heart of the financial system. Included high oil prices, which led to both high food prices (due to a dependence of food production on petroleum, as well as using food crop products such as ethanol and biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum) and global inflation; a substantial credit crisis leading to the bankruptcy of large and well established investment banks as well as commercial banks in various nations around the world; increased unemployment; and the possibility of a global recession. Many are drawing comparisons with the Great Depression, the ...
for1against   Half of one percent own almost 40% of all wealth. It means that 99% of us are not receiving the fruits of our labor., RobinT
for1against   Banks have just missed their TARP dividend payment to the American tax payers! This when the same banks are raping us in over draft fees, late payment fees, and raising our intere, RobinT
for1against   Krize neni nebo aspon ne tolik jak rikaj v bedne.zas to nafukujou stejne jako terorismus v americe., dimitrij
for7against   I hope the dollar makes it. Obama is sure killing this country. Socialism sucks., robufo2000
for3against   "The truth is, I've never seen such uncertainty in terms of looking forward to the future,I'm very worried about the Canadian economy." says Canadian PM, 123
for2against   Deflation is coming to the UK. In fact, it is already here. Prices have fallen 3.8 per cent since last September, RobinT
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Banks were rescued, but not the economy

Europe's financial crisis is acquiring the stench of Munich. No, it is not Nazi Germany. But it is the same ceaseless meetings and pretend deals, the same flying here and there and getting nowhere, the same refusing to acknowledge catastrophe on the horizon, hoping someone else will take a tough decision.In 2008 the financial spotlight was on Washington. Banks were rescued, but not the American economy. Now the spotlight is on Europe. Again the talk is of saving banks, and none of saving economies. Britain's banks have been given another £75bn, which makes £275bn over two years. ...

Dollar faces challenge as reserve currency

A leading economist said in Seoul yesterday that the U.S. dollar's supremacy as the world's reserve currency is facing profound challenges as the balance of economic and financial power shifts East amid the current economic crisis."There is a slow-burning fuse underneath the dollar," Gerard Lyons, chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank, said in the World Economic Forum. Underscoring the strengthening role of Asia, Lyons said that the depth of the global downturn drove key emerging economies, such as China and Russia, to cite the possibility of a new global reserve currency. The forum drew ...

Losses are socialized and profits privatized

The old system worked well for the bankers (if not for their shareholders), so why should they embrace change? Indeed, the efforts to rescue them devoted so little thought to the kind of post-crisis financial system we want that we will end up with a banking system that is less competitive, with the large banks that were too big too fail even larger.It has long been recognized that those America’s banks that are too big to fail are also too big to be managed. That is one reason that the performance of several of them has been so dismal. Because government provides deposit insurance, it ...

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Washington, D.C. — Marc Jarsulic, Vice President for Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress, released the following statement today after Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo tendered his resignation: As a Federal Reserve governor, Daniel Tarullo has been an extraordinarily effective public servant. He played a central role in the implementation of the Dodd-Frank […]
STATEMENT: Trump’s Executive Orders Represent Craven Loyalty to His Wall Street and Big Business Allies, Say CAP Economic Policy Experts
Washington, D.C. — Today, President Donald Trump signed executive orders aimed at rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as the conflicts of interest rule, also known as the fiduciary rule. Marc Jarsulic, Vice President for Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress, issued the following statement: President Trump’s intent to roll back financial […]
STATEMENT: CAP Economist Kate Bahn on the January 2017 Jobs Report
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