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Global climate change (warming)

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photo Climate change - alarmist

Climate change - alarmist

Long-term significant change in the “average weather”, believe that it is man-made polution.
Climate change - scepticism

Climate change - scepticism

The climate change is not caused by man-made pollution but it is part of natural process.

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Climate change is any long-term significant change in the “average weather” that a given region experiences. Average weather may include average temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It involves changes in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over durations ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes can be caused by dynamic processes on Earth, external forces including variations in sunlight intensity, and more recently by human activities.In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy, the term "climate change" often refers to changes in modern climate (see global warming). For information on temperature measurements over various periods, and the data sources available, see temperature record. For attribution of climate ...
for7against   alarmist! priroda nam dava vsechno a my ji to oplacime svoji lhostejnosti.kazdy zacnete sam u sebe!!!!, dimitrij
for10against   Global warming is NOT man-made. it is a ponzi scheme designed to drive up taxes for a more powerful and more liberal world government., robufo2000
for4against   Remember the Climategate scandal! Global warming is a scam!, robufo2000
for1against   offener Brief an Angela Davis!Es wird nicht wärmer sagen die Verstromer und somit wir!Gezeichnet:Prof. bestechlich,Dr. Gierschlund und Raffke,Prof.CDU Mitglied,Dr.ich sage alles!, SEPP
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for Climate change - alarmist

Significant uncertainties of climate change triggers

There might be feedbacks in the climate system that we aren't aware of yet. The amount of carbon in the oceans and atmosphere changes suddenly and dramatically. The oceans are acidified and significant extinctions result. On land, global temperatures increase anywhere from five to nine degrees Celsius, causing widespread habitat disruptions. Despite the sudden onset of the event, its impact lingers for 100 thousand years. his might sound like a worst-case situation for the current anthropogenic influences on climate, but it's actually an historic event that the public is generally unaware ...

Global warming is real

There is "absolutely no scientifically proven basis for the premise that man can affect what the climate does" is absurd. Our libraries are full of carefully compiled and critically reviewed scientific research that makes it clear that global warming is real, is caused by human activity and is significantly and rapidly changing the world's climate.The research conclusions of dozens of respected scientific organizations such as the American Geophysical Union, the American Physical Society, the National Academies of Science and the American Meteorological Society are easily available online.Our ...

Not Scared about Global Warming

Presentation of scary stories about global warming in the popular media makes us unnecessarily frightened. Even worse, it terrifies our kids.Al Gore famously depicted how a sea-level rise of 20 feet (six meters) would almost completely flood Florida, New York, Holland, Bangladesh, and Shanghai, even though the United Nations estimates that sea levels will rise 20 times less than that, and do no such thing. When confronted with these exaggerations, some of us say that they are for a good cause, and surely there is no harm done if the result is that we focus even more on tackling climate change. ...

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In Geneva, Steve Jobs’ former chess partner, a former US Navy Seal and a cryptographer run a company together. What they do is either a dangerous threat to the international security order or a vital safeguard for its future. Either way, the Dalai Lama is a client. Silent Circle may not be a household name, but the phone the Swiss-based company has built – a modified Google Android handset impermeable to snooping thanks to its total encryption – is becoming a coveted device for the rich, powerful and secretive. The first Blackphone, as it is known, sold out in weeks after being released last year. The second, released last month, is in equally high demand, even though users must put up with a more limited array of apps than they would be accustomed to in order to enjoy the security benefits. “We’re replacing BlackBerry,” declares Mike Janke, one of the co-founders and an ex-US Navy commando. Mr Janke – who still carries the strapping frame of his former profession,
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A Swiss-led international team of astronomers has discovered over 250 of the universe’s earliest galaxies. The sample includes the faintest and smallest of the first-generation dwarf galaxies to be discovered, and offers important clues about the nature of the early universe. The team, headed by Hakim Atek at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), relied upon new images from the Hubble Space Telescope, focusing on a trio of cosmic magnifying glasses. Their findings will be published in the Astrophysical Journal, an EPFL statement said on Thursday. The over 250 tiny galaxies existed only 600-900 million years after the Big Bang and are one of the largest samples of dwarf galaxies yet to be discovered at these epochs, or specific moments in time. The light from these galaxies took over 12 billion years to reach the telescope, allowing the astronomers to look back in time when the universe was still very young. By looking at the light coming ...
Anthills yield insights into evolution of society
You may think twice before stepping on an ant after reading this article. Evolutionary biologist Laurent Keller, who has been awarded Switzerland’s top scientific prize, has spent his career showing how surprisingly like us the social insects are – in behaviour and organisation.  From agriculture to the division of labour, the achievements of ant society have predated those of human society. Keller, head of the department of ecology and evolution at the University of Lausanne, believes knowing more about ants can help us understand some of our own behaviours and how we interact with others.  “In terms of social organisation, man has taken the same route as the ant,” says Keller, who is due to receive the Marcel Benoist Prize in a ceremony on Monday.  Observing ants, even following them individually, is what Keller has been doing for the past 30 years, both out in the field and in the biology lab. He originally wanted to study the great apes, but hearing a lecture on ...
FLASHBACK: How Exxon responded to climate denial charges in 2006
Guardian: ExxonMobil has escalated a row with the Royal Society by accusing it of "inaccurately and unfairly" depicting the world's largest oil company as a climate change sceptic. However, Exxon admits it is reviewing the funding of various outside groups which were accused by the Royal Society of undermining the scientific consensus on global warming. An unprecedented letter from the UK's premier scientific academy to Exxon was quoted in the Guardian this week, criticising it for making "inaccurate and...

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