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Global climate change (warming)

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photo Climate change - alarmist

Climate change - alarmist

Long-term significant change in the “average weather”, believe that it is man-made polution.
Climate change - scepticism

Climate change - scepticism

The climate change is not caused by man-made pollution but it is part of natural process.

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Climate change is any long-term significant change in the “average weather” that a given region experiences. Average weather may include average temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It involves changes in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over durations ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes can be caused by dynamic processes on Earth, external forces including variations in sunlight intensity, and more recently by human activities.In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy, the term "climate change" often refers to changes in modern climate (see global warming). For information on temperature measurements over various periods, and the data sources available, see temperature record. For attribution of climate ...
for7against   alarmist! priroda nam dava vsechno a my ji to oplacime svoji lhostejnosti.kazdy zacnete sam u sebe!!!!, dimitrij
for10against   Global warming is NOT man-made. it is a ponzi scheme designed to drive up taxes for a more powerful and more liberal world government., robufo2000
for4against   Remember the Climategate scandal! Global warming is a scam!, robufo2000
for1against   offener Brief an Angela Davis!Es wird nicht wärmer sagen die Verstromer und somit wir!Gezeichnet:Prof. bestechlich,Dr. Gierschlund und Raffke,Prof.CDU Mitglied,Dr.ich sage alles!, SEPP
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for Climate change - alarmist

Significant uncertainties of climate change triggers

There might be feedbacks in the climate system that we aren't aware of yet. The amount of carbon in the oceans and atmosphere changes suddenly and dramatically. The oceans are acidified and significant extinctions result. On land, global temperatures increase anywhere from five to nine degrees Celsius, causing widespread habitat disruptions. Despite the sudden onset of the event, its impact lingers for 100 thousand years. his might sound like a worst-case situation for the current anthropogenic influences on climate, but it's actually an historic event that the public is generally unaware ...

Global warming is real

There is "absolutely no scientifically proven basis for the premise that man can affect what the climate does" is absurd. Our libraries are full of carefully compiled and critically reviewed scientific research that makes it clear that global warming is real, is caused by human activity and is significantly and rapidly changing the world's climate.The research conclusions of dozens of respected scientific organizations such as the American Geophysical Union, the American Physical Society, the National Academies of Science and the American Meteorological Society are easily available online.Our ...

Not Scared about Global Warming

Presentation of scary stories about global warming in the popular media makes us unnecessarily frightened. Even worse, it terrifies our kids.Al Gore famously depicted how a sea-level rise of 20 feet (six meters) would almost completely flood Florida, New York, Holland, Bangladesh, and Shanghai, even though the United Nations estimates that sea levels will rise 20 times less than that, and do no such thing. When confronted with these exaggerations, some of us say that they are for a good cause, and surely there is no harm done if the result is that we focus even more on tackling climate change. ...

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CERN launches high-energy machine to boost collider data
  The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) outside Geneva has inaugurated a linear accelerator that injects and accelerates high-energy particle beams into the 27-kilometre circular Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The upgrade should eventually help experiments gather ten times more collider data.  On Tuesday, CERN announced the official launch of Linac 4, a 90-metre-long underground linear accelerator, which represents the first link in CERN’s accelerator chain and should deliver higher energy particle beams for many experiments. CERN director-general Fabiola Gianotti said Linac 4 and the ongoing upgrade programme should “considerably increase the potential of the LHC experiments for discovering new physics and measuring the properties of the Higgs particle in more detail”.  The elusive Higgs boson, whose discovery secured the Nobel Prize for physics in 2013, answered fundamental questions about how matter attained mass. But it did not solve the riddle of ...
Stratospheric plane begins test flights
An experimental stratospheric solar plane has begun its first test flights in Payerne in western Switzerland. Eco-adventurer Raphael Domjan talks to swissinfo.ch about the challenges ahead as he prepares for his flight to the edge of space. On Friday SolarStratos, a sleek 8.5-metre-long solar-powered plane with wings covered with 22 square metres (237 square feet) of solar panels, officially got off the ground at Payerne aerodrome.  After a series of roll tests – running the two-seater aircraft at increasing speeds – the plane completed its first flight that lasted seven minutes up to an altitude of 300 metres. Test pilot Damian Hischier landed safely and returned the plane to the hanger, under Domjan's watchful eye. "On the whole it went well. Obviously there will be small things that need adjusting," Domjan told the Swiss News Agency on Friday.  The SolarStratos team plans to continue the test flights, slowly venturing up to higher altitudes.  ...
3D printing gets another dimension
Researchers in Zurich have found a way to control the shape and behaviour of 3D printed objects at different points in time – a new breakthrough for so-called ‘4D’ printing. By now you’re probably familiar with 3D printing, in which a computer is used to control the deposition of a material in successive layers to create a three-dimensional object.  But if you add the element of time, and create a 3D object that can take different shapes at different moments, you enter a new dimension in the realm of fabrication technology: 4D printing. Now, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich have improved on 4D printed objects by finding a way to control their structure and weight-bearing capabilities. It’s a breakthrough that could have important applications in many fields, including aerospace engineering, where objects must often be compressed into a flat shape to save space in transport; or even medicine, for example, in the production of stents.
People power puts mayoral candidates on the spot over fracking
After Theresa May shocked the country with a snap general election, election talk is dominating the news (at the disappointment of some). However, it's not just the general election on June 8th that will change the politics of the UK.Today some of us will be electing local counclilors and in big cities like Bristol and Manchester, new Mayors are being elected too.Although they get less media attention than the General Election, today's mayoral elections have the potential to have a really big impact on day-to-day life in the areas they cover. Unlike the ceremonial Lord Mayors, the new metropolitan mayors being voted for will have genuine powers over local issues. They could have a big impact in areas such as transport, housing, and planning, and will have been voted in to power by millions.The good news for us is that that the new metro mayors for Manchester and Liverpool will have a remit over areas where fracking license blocks have been offered for sale. The bookies favourite to win

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