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Global climate change (warming)

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photo Climate change - alarmist

Climate change - alarmist

Long-term significant change in the “average weather”, believe that it is man-made polution.
Climate change - scepticism

Climate change - scepticism

The climate change is not caused by man-made pollution but it is part of natural process.

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Climate change is any long-term significant change in the “average weather” that a given region experiences. Average weather may include average temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It involves changes in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over durations ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes can be caused by dynamic processes on Earth, external forces including variations in sunlight intensity, and more recently by human activities.In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy, the term "climate change" often refers to changes in modern climate (see global warming). For information on temperature measurements over various periods, and the data sources available, see temperature record. For attribution of climate ...
for7against   alarmist! priroda nam dava vsechno a my ji to oplacime svoji lhostejnosti.kazdy zacnete sam u sebe!!!!, dimitrij
for10against   Global warming is NOT man-made. it is a ponzi scheme designed to drive up taxes for a more powerful and more liberal world government., robufo2000
for4against   Remember the Climategate scandal! Global warming is a scam!, robufo2000
for1against   offener Brief an Angela Davis!Es wird nicht wärmer sagen die Verstromer und somit wir!Gezeichnet:Prof. bestechlich,Dr. Gierschlund und Raffke,Prof.CDU Mitglied,Dr.ich sage alles!, SEPP
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for Climate change - alarmist

Significant uncertainties of climate change triggers

There might be feedbacks in the climate system that we aren't aware of yet. The amount of carbon in the oceans and atmosphere changes suddenly and dramatically. The oceans are acidified and significant extinctions result. On land, global temperatures increase anywhere from five to nine degrees Celsius, causing widespread habitat disruptions. Despite the sudden onset of the event, its impact lingers for 100 thousand years. his might sound like a worst-case situation for the current anthropogenic influences on climate, but it's actually an historic event that the public is generally unaware ...

Global warming is real

There is "absolutely no scientifically proven basis for the premise that man can affect what the climate does" is absurd. Our libraries are full of carefully compiled and critically reviewed scientific research that makes it clear that global warming is real, is caused by human activity and is significantly and rapidly changing the world's climate.The research conclusions of dozens of respected scientific organizations such as the American Geophysical Union, the American Physical Society, the National Academies of Science and the American Meteorological Society are easily available online.Our ...

Not Scared about Global Warming

Presentation of scary stories about global warming in the popular media makes us unnecessarily frightened. Even worse, it terrifies our kids.Al Gore famously depicted how a sea-level rise of 20 feet (six meters) would almost completely flood Florida, New York, Holland, Bangladesh, and Shanghai, even though the United Nations estimates that sea levels will rise 20 times less than that, and do no such thing. When confronted with these exaggerations, some of us say that they are for a good cause, and surely there is no harm done if the result is that we focus even more on tackling climate change. ...

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Swiss and French scientists report that variations of cyanobacterial communities, or algae, found in the lakes of Switzerland have become increasingly uniform. This could allow more toxic species to thrive. The research was published Monday in the Nature Ecology & Evolution journal and provides an overview of the evolution of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae-like organisms) in ten peri-Alpine lakes over the past century. Analysing cyanobacterial DNA from the lakes’ sediment layers, the researchers report that since the 1950s, although the total number of differentiable species has increased, the larger trend is towards a fourfold uniformization of algae types in Swiss waters. This could, according to lead author Marie-Eve Monchamp, bring about an increase in species that “need less light to survive – and that includes many toxic species”. An increase in such species, such as the red-bloomed Burgundy blood alga (already dominant in Lake Zurich), could cause problem
Swiss scientists pioneer 3D printing with live organisms
A 3D printing platform incorporates living bacteria into the ink, resulting in structures with a range of useful properties that can be targeted for biomedical, environmental, and sanitation applications. Research into three- and four-dimensional printing methods has been advancing rapidly in recent years, but materials scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich have added a brand new twist – by adding bacteria to their ink. This technique allows them to generate “living materials” with different biochemical properties, depending on the organisms used. So far, the researchers, led by André Studart in ETH Zurich’s Laboratory for Complex Materials, have developed four different inks using different concentrations of Pseudomonas putida and Acetobacter xylinum. Both species are harmless to humans, and indeed have very useful properties: P. putida can break down toxic compounds used in the chemical industry, and A. xylinum secretes a type of bacterial ...
Tezos Foundation probe 'set to clear president Gevers'
swissinfo.ch has learnt that a Tezos Foundation internal inquiry is likely to clear president Johann Gevers of all allegations of financial impropriety and mismanagement made by Tezos founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman. Although the foundation’s probe has yet to be finalised, information received by swissinfo.ch indicates that an independent audit appears to offer no evidence that Gevers tried to manipulate a bonus payment to himself earlier this year. The audit may also show that Gevers has no case to answer against other allegations that surfaced in October.  An official verdict is expected “in a few days” once the three foundation board members, including Gevers, have completed their examination of the evidence. In October, Arthur Breitman issued a statement demanding the removal of Gevers, claiming he had “engaged in an attempt at self-dealing, misrepresenting to the council the value of a bonus he attempted to grant himself”. The Breitmans claimed that Gevers

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