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Gilles Duceppe

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Canadian politician, and proponent of the Québec sovereignty movement.
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ENG: Gilles Duceppe, MP (born July 22, 1947) is a Canadian politician, and proponent of the Québec sovereignty movement. He was a Member of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons for over 20 years and was the leader of the sovereigntist Bloc Québécois for almost 15 years. He is the son of a well-known Quebec actor, Jean Duceppe. He was Leader of the Official Opposition in the Parliament of Canada from March 17, 1997 to June 1, 1997. He resigned as party leader after 2011 election, in which he lost his own seat to New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Hélène Laverdière and his party suffered a heavy defeat. Biography In 1990, Duceppe was elected to the Canadian House of Commons as an independent because the Bloc had not been registered by ...
for32against   In my opinion Gilles Duceppe is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for33against   I do not agree. Gilles Duceppe is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
for1against   Simply cannot support a party that is trying to split up Canada. How can we get BQ to think about Western Canada, ever?, stillthinkinggal
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Gilles Duceppe in a fight for even his own riding

On the eve of a vote that could demonstrate a significant shift in Quebec politics, Gilles Duceppe wasn’t ready to explain the collapse in popular support for his party, one that has him in a tough fight to keep his own seat. He simply allowed that he has known difficult campaigns before — this is his seventh — but this one, he said, is “different” because “the alignment of forces is different than what we have seen in the past.” Speaking at his campaign office at the edge of Montreal’s gay village Sunday morning, the Bloc ...

Gilles Duceppe will continue to push for a stronger Bill 101

MONTREAL — Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe is unwilling to dump his motion to have Quebec's French Language Charter extended to industries operating in the province under federal labour laws, despite it being soundly rejected by Parliament.Duceppe, speaking at a rally in Montreal on Saturday aimed at protecting French and promoting its use among new immigrants in the province, also took some jabs at his rival, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, for failing to support his motion."He said it would impede business," Duceppe told reporters, citing examples like Wal-Mart and mining giant ...

Gilles Duceppe: Canada's master debater

For a party leader ostensibly dedicated to splitting Canada, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe has received quite positive reviews for his performances in the English and French debates: Stephen Taylor: As the leader of a french-first-and-last separatist party from Quebec, Gilles Duceppe did not have much to gain or lose during the debate and the Bloc leader appeared to be the candidate most genuinely at ease... bringing realism against rhetoric. John Ivison: Duceppe asks the killer question on Iraq. Would you advocate it again? Harper admits an error. I think a pig just flew over the ...

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Gilles Duceppe defeated, BQ falls short of achieving party status - CBC.ca
CBC.caGilles Duceppe defeated, BQ falls short of achieving party statusCBC.caThe Bloc Québécois election headquarters were cramped; a small nightclub on Papineau Street in Duceppe's riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie, apparently reserved by staff at the beginning of the campaign, when Bloc prospects seemed limited. Gilles Duceppe ...Gilles Duceppe resigns as Bloc Québécois leaderToronto StarBloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe loses Laurier-Sainte-Marie ...Globalnews.caGilles Duceppe confirms he's stepping down as Bloc Quebecois ...National PostCTV News -rabble.ca (blog)všech 182 zpravodajských článků »
Justin Trudeau calls Gilles Duceppe 'my love' in French debate ... - CBC.ca
CBC.caJustin Trudeau calls Gilles Duceppe 'my love' in French debate ...CBC.caA comedic slip of the tongue — which saw Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau accidently call Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe "mon amour" — stole the imagination of the internet during Friday's French-language leaders' debate. Trudeau meant to call the ...Gilles Duceppe Aims To Score Big In Last French DebateHuffington Post CanadaIn final debate, niqab issue breathes life into BlocThe Globe and MailMulcair portrays NDP as Quebec championsCTV NewsMacleans.ca -Ottawa Citizen -Montreal Gazettevšech 1 119 zpravodajských článků »
Duceppe devra-t-il revenir? - Le Huffington Post Quebec
Le Huffington Post QuebecDuceppe devra-t-il revenir?Le Huffington Post QuebecÀ peine un an plus tard, il cède sa place à Gilles Duceppe. M. Beaulieu était conscient qu'il manquait de temps pour reconstruire le parti avant l'élection fédérale - elle fut déclenchée deux mois plus tard - et qu'un électrochoc immédiat était nécessaire.Louis Plamondon croit que la course à la chefferie peut attendreLe Devoir (Abonnement)všech 11 zpravodajských článků »
Gilles Duceppe quitte avec le sentiment du devoir accompli - Radio-Canada
Radio-CanadaGilles Duceppe quitte avec le sentiment du devoir accompliRadio-CanadaSomme toute, je quitte avec le sentiment du devoir accompli. » — Gilles Duceppe, chef démissionnaire du Bloc québécois. M. Duceppe a attendu quelques jours avant d'annoncer sa décision afin de laisser « un parti en ordre, sans dettes, qui fait une ...Gilles Duceppe annonce sa démissionLaPresse.caGilles Duceppe battu pour une deuxième foisICI.Radio-Canada.ca (Inscription)Gilles Duceppe se retire officiellement en tant que chef du Bloc ...Le Journal de QuébecLe Devoir (Abonnement) -TVA Nouvellesvšech 182 zpravodajských článků »

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