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Georgia Secession

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Georgia Secession

I support the secession of Georgia from the union.
USA Union

USA Union

I support USA to stay united.

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ENG: Secession in the United States can refer to secession of a state from the United States, secession of part of a state from that state to form a new state, or secession of an area from a city or county. Attempts at or aspirations of secession from the United States have been a feature of the country's politics since its birth. Some have argued for a constitutional right of secession and others for a natural right of revolution. The United States Supreme Court ruled unilateral secession unconstitutional while commenting that revolution or consent of the states could lead to a successful secession. The one serious secession movement was defeated in the American Civil War. In 1860 and 1861, eleven of the fifteen southern states where slavery was legal declared their secession from the ...
for33against   I clearly support the secession of the state Georgia from the union! There is no reason to hesitate., positive
for33against   I support USA to stay united! There is no reason to hesitate., negative
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Murphy: Let Georgia secede? No way

On Nov. 21, I read a column in this newspaper (“Let Georgia secede? Why not?) by a man named Paul VanDevelder. He’s a writer from Corvallis, Ore. He’s a pretty good writer, too — I’ve read some of his work. His favorite topics, in no particular order, seem to be Native Americans, politics and salmon. But his column had to do with the South. And VanDevelder vents his spleen about the “red states” all over the printed page. By Mark E. Murphy Read more: savannahnow -http://savannahnow.com/column/2012-11-26/ ...

More than 31000 sign petition for Georgia to secede from US

Days after the reelection of President Barack Obama, someone identified as “Marbury M” created an online petition for Georgia to secede from the Union. Georgia is one of 20 states to issue such petitions on the White House website. The Georgia secession petition, which was created Nov. 10, cites the Declaration of Independence but does not explain the reasoning of the petition. By Sarah Anne Perry Read more: TheRed&Black - http://www.redandblack.com/news/more-than-sign-petition-for-georgia-to-secede-from-u/article_dec12024-31ec-11e2-a044-0019bb30f31a.html (November ...

Thousands call for Georgia to secede

ATLANTA — Following President Barack Obama’s re-election, residents of more than 30 states have signed petitions asking to secede from the union. Georgia, with one notable secession under its belt, is among them. By Wednesday, the Georgia petition online at whitehouse.gov soared past the 25,000 signatures needed to prompt an official White House response. The petition asks that the onetime 13th colony be allowed to create its “own new government.” As the online movement grows, so do theories about the motives of its backers. Is the political disaffection that ...

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