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Georgia conflict

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photo Georgia conflict - support

Georgia conflict - support

In August 2008, Georgia engaged in an armed conflict with Russia and separatist groups from South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Georgia conflict - against

Georgia conflict - against

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To Russia, With Love?
By Greg Thielmann Last week’s 20th anniversary commemorations of the 1991 Soviet coup attempt prompted some personal reflections on other events affecting relations between Washington and Moscow during that turbulent period. Two years before the coup, a visit by U.S. … Continue reading →

Fanning Ethnic Flames in Georgia
Local news reports in Tskhinvali contend that Georgian special forces were burning Georgian villages to create the impression that Russian forces were allowing ethnic cleansing. “The Georgians destroyed everything,” said Alan Khosayev, 28, as he watched workers clear a destroyed Georgian tank from an intersection in Tskhinvali. “Now we’ll have to rebuild it. I don’t [...]

Putin says suspects U.S. provoked Georgia crisis
Reuters reports: “Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he suspected someone in the United States provoked the conflict in Georgia in an attempt to help a candidate in the U.S. presidential election. “It is not just that the American side could not restrain the Georgian leadership from this criminal act. The American side [...]

Another 2008 top 10 stories list
Our Daily Train | By Jeremy StyronColumnist Kathleen Parker said it best: Summing up, let me just say that I reject, repudiate, renounce, denounce, dismiss and utterly regret 2008. Better late than never, I suppose. Having taken a few days break away from the blogosphere over the holidays, I have continued this weekend, hoping my muse will return happy and foretelling more [...]

If the Price is Right: McCain’s Georgian connection
McCain’s top adviser is multiply connected to Georgia, whose ill-advised assault on Russian positions in South Ossetia fully qualifies it as the first, overtly American-allied “rogue nation.” Most important, Scheunemann’s former lobbying firm, Orion Strategies, received at lest $800,000 from the government of Georgia between 2004 and May 15, 2008, when Scheunemann finally severed his [...]

Mamuka Jgenti : « It’s Easier To Work In Organizations Where Russia Is Not A Member State. »
Mamuka Jgenti, 36, is Ambassador of Georgia to the Council of Europe. Graduated from law, married, two kids, he plays …Continue reading »

Pat Buchanan: “Georgia Started This Fight! And Russia Finished It!”
Watch a blonde radio chick make a fool of herself on The McLaughlan Group:

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