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Georgia conflict

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Georgia conflict is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo Georgia conflict - support

Georgia conflict - support

In August 2008, Georgia engaged in an armed conflict with Russia and separatist groups from South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Georgia conflict - against

Georgia conflict - against

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Time IP adress Vote
3 years ago65.36.109.86[+] for
4 years ago176.74.127.143against [-]
5 years ago37.187.88.163[+] for
6 years ago5.250.196.85[+] for
6 years ago93.139.159.140[+] for
6 years ago213.133.214.2against [-]
6 years ago213.133.214.2against [-]
6 years ago188.129.206.186[+] for
7 years ago24.9.214.57[+] for
7 years ago76.100.105.109[+] for
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