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George W. Bush

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Former President of the United States of America (2001 - 2009).
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Quick opinions

for4against   I loved that guy. Why couldn't people appreciate him. Hate is at the enemy not the defender of lover of the people., joycewgreene
for0against   I sure wish bush could have stayed as our president. He was way much better than obama has been. Things are getting worse now., trekkie75965
for6against   He is a man who never realized the consequences of his political behaviour, he brought the entire world at risk with his external politics, Galileo
for5against   Ranks even below Harding and Reagan for sheer stupidity., Kitsapian
for4against   Wann klagt die USA ihn wegen Kriegsverbrechen an?, SEPP
for4against   G W Bush is not good president at all, a3
for3against   Bush shoe thrower is my hero, kvaska
for2against   Put him in the Jail!, SEPP
for2against   He is the father of death for American Soldiers!, SEPP
for2against   He presents not the good American!, SEPP
for2against   Bastard!He is a slaughter!, SEPP
for2against   He like blood!, SEPP
for1against   War criminal, GeorgeBushSucks
for1against   Disasters on Bush’s watch. Enron collapse and bankruptcy – December 2001- $120 billion AIG collapse and bankruptcy – September 2008 - $61 billion 6,000 point drop, GeorgeBushSucks
for1against   George W. Bush, the stupidest idiot to EVER sit in the oval office. May he rot in HELL for all eternity!!!, GOD_ALMIGHTY
for1against   Diese Internet Seite wird von Rating Agenturen der Konservativen manipuliert um die Konservativen hier zu puschen!zb. Bush fällt nie im Rating!Hunderte Votes per Stunde!, SEPP
for1against   Der schlechteste Präsident aller Zeiten!Sogar der Vater ist besser gewesen.Und der war schon sehr schlecht!, SEPP
for1against   ja vlezlej az otravnej a smrdi:) a má hnusnej hlas, dimitrij
for1against   Bush's records to be made public! Obama overturns secrecy on former president's records., a3
for1against   Řekl bych,že se nemá čím chlubit., barby
for0against   We are here because we share a concern about the impact of the global financial crisis on the people of our nations, Bush said at the start of the G20 leaders, spetr

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